What YOU do Matters

As a member of the Sterling Lexicon team, you are part of the spirit and hard work that goes into helping people move new places every day. In 2017, we continued our tradition of providing exemplary service with an honest heart and human touch while caring for clients, employees and communities across the globe.

As we look back at the year, it is clear our success was not by accident. It is a direct result of our strategy to provide flexible solutions with exceptional service to our customers and their employees, supported by our culture at Sterling Lexicon. Our leadership team recognizes that you are our culture, and how you treat transferees, clients, suppliers, and each other with each interaction ultimately determines our brand in the marketplace. That is why we concentrate on hiring and retaining the absolute best talent, and genuinely focus on being a great place to work.

As part of our employee-first philosophy, we provide you with the resources to improve your overall wellbeing, including career, financial, physical, community and social health. We are committed to providing you meaningful work with a caring culture and open communication, tools to help manage personal finances for short-term and long-term security, access to support to achieve your ideal level of health and energy to enjoy life, platforms to become personally involved in your community, and connections and resources for a support network to lean on.

As we look toward the future, we are committed to continually moving in the right direction. We will build on our strong foundation to establish quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals to remain aligned with our core objectives throughout the year; maintain financial transparency with our employees; and continue to quantify and communicate the value we add to businesses to retain and attract clients.

I am happy to share with you our 2017 Year in Review, which highlights our achievements and impacts in the industry and communities around the globe.

Jon Hile
President, Sterling Lexicon

2017 Achievements

Initiation Volume

2nd highest yearly total

in Sterling Lexicon's history
(behind 2016)

Yearly Revenue

3rd highest yearly total

in Sterling Lexicon's history
(behind 2016 and 2015)


3rd most profitable year

in Sterling Lexicon's history
(behind 2016 and 2011)

Transferee Overall Satisfaction

4.44, up from 4.41 in 2016

Transferee Survey Return Rate

47%, remained the same as in 2016

Welcome to the Team

In 2017, 25 new employees joined our Sterling Lexicon family!


Winning Spirit

Awards and Recognition

Your hard work continues to distinguish Sterling Lexicon as a company that looks beyond the status quo to deliver innovative solutions for clients and their relocating employees.

In 2017, Sterling Lexicon was shortlisted by the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) for Best Vendor Partnership with our client CDK Global.

Sterling Lexicon and Suddath were named Bold City Best Place to Work.

Global Network Integration presented 39 supplier awards at the Fall ERC in Chicago.

Vice President of Real Estate, Darren Wagner received a meritorious award for participating on the Relocation Directors Council.

2017 Service Awards


Sterling Lexicon continued to foster global relationships by hosting and participating in a variety of events in 2017.


Driven by People

Sterling Lexicon runs on your dedication and determination to offer the best customer service to each relocating employee. Because of your dedication to go the extra mile, we have happy customers who get where they need to go.

"I wanted to express my thanks to you directly for assigning Tara Willingham to my recent relocation from MA/NH to VA with MITRE Corporation. Tara has made the move as painless as it could possibly be for my wife and me. Her efforts … saved me so much time, money, effort, stress and tears."

— Dr. James Doodson
Senior Behavioral Psychologist, Human Behavior and Cybersecurity Capability


Tara Willingham

Tara Willingham
Relocation Consultant

“Cheryl has been consistently supportive and incredibly helpful during all three of my relocations within the past year and a half. Starting with a company as big as Rolls-Royce can be intimidating, especially if you’re moving to an entirely new area with no idea where to live or commit a chunk of your life to. Cheryl has helped me feel comfortable with all of my relocations, providing detailed and immediate responses to all of my questions and concerns. She always made sure to follow up after my move with help or support when needed from beginning to end. I hope to continue working with her for my future relocations!”

— Kevin Lukhard, Manufacturing Engineering Graduate
Rolls-Royce High Temperature Composites

Cheryl ??????

Cheryl Hatch
Relocation Consultant

"I wanted to let you know that Tammy Smith has done a wonderful job guiding me through the relocation process. She was knowledgeable and always pleasant. She made the transition for me a lot smoother than I ever imagined it would be. Thanks!"

— Adrian Thornton
Southern Company

Tammy Smith

Tammy Smith
Relocation Consultant

"I would like to take a moment to let you know about my experience with Sterling Lexicon. I was fortunate to have Erika Reilly assigned to help me with my relocation as I have not experienced anything but the best service from her. She has consistently made me feel like I am her No. 1 priority, despite the fact I know she probably has dozens of other clients she is supporting. Her patience, willingness to go the extra mile, and empathy for the client being relocated has made this relocation so much easier. You can hear the smile in her voice in every phone conversation and she never made me feel rushed when speaking to her."

— Tony Maida
ABI, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Erika Reilly

Erika Reilly
Relocation Consultant

"This is our sixth relocation. I would like to recognize Katherine Hines for her efforts and dedication during our relocation to Midland. My words can never be enough to praise her actions as she stood strong to each and every expectation discussed during the initial process. Her intervention and professionalism with our new mortgage company was a breath of fresh air, to say the least. Hands down, this has been our best relocation. Thank you for allowing Kathrine Hines to manage it."

— Bob Atwood
ENLINK Midstream

Katherine Hines

Katherine Hines
Relocation Consultant

"I would like to provide a note of gratitude for Maria Politica. The company I work for has relocated me twice, through Sterling Lexicon, and for both relocations Maria has been my Relocation Consultant. She has consistently provided prompt, friendly and professional customer service. She's been a great pleasure to work with these past two years."

— Donny LaTorre
American Sugar Refining, Inc

Maria Politica

Maria Politica
Relocation Consultant

Making a Difference

Our teams are dedicated to being ambassadors of a better tomorrow for our communities, customers and environment. This year, we concentrated on giving back. With a global reach, Sterling Lexicon was able to have an impact in diverse communities and build a better future for those who live there.


Powered by Partnership

Moving by Numbers: Global Network Integration

Increase of 2%

Increase of 6%

Increase of 1%

Increase of 2%

Top of the Class

Clients driving the most revenue and volume in 2017


Growing our Family

New clients in 2017


Stronger Together


From Left-to-Right: Katrina Cook, Santreese Young, Yve Jack, Lekha Suri, Chuck Akel, Carol Durden, Melissa Dore
Not Pictured: Leah Bush, Xylia Connell, Courtney Isaacs, Amanda Currie, Michelle Roper, Tammy Smith

It's easy to say we're invested in the interests of our employees, but it's more important to show it. In 2017, we assembled a Culture Committee, established new initiatives and continued to refine our practices in order to foster the best environment for our teams around the globe.

The Sterling Lexicon Culture Committee's mission is to standardize our work culture while promoting core values, by integrating them into daily practice. The committee intends to do this through communication, team building and enhancing morale.

The Committee's goals are:

  • To foster a more positive and uplifting workplace
  • To encourage employee participation in regional activities
  • To promote a feeling of inclusion throughout the business units

2018 Initiatives

  • Employee Appreciation Week
  • Philanthropy / Charity initiatives
  • Sterling Lexicon Core Values Spotlight / Shout Out Program

Why We Feel Great

As part of our commitment to continually improve our processes and better serve employees, we identified specific practices that helped us have an excellent year.


Looking Forward

In 2017, Sterling Lexicon continued to be the leader in mobilizing opportunity by offering flexible solutions with exceptional service to our customers and their employees. Now more than ever, we are laser-focused on continuing to develop our talent, build our brand and organically grow our business.

As we continue to work hard in 2018, we are committed to achieving the following:

  • Establish brand and update website for more consistent presence in the marketplace
  • Organic sales growth – new named accounts
  • Retain clients
  • Retain talented employees
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase net income
  • Develop employee training
  • Continue development of vendor relationships to leverage new business opportunities

Thank you. What YOU do matters!