Sherwin Williams Success Story

Sterling Lexicon paints the perfect picture of “efficiency meets flexibility” for Sherwin-Williams’ mobility program.

With homes sitting on the market and zero flexibility from their provider for unique situations, Sherwin-Williams turns to Sterling Lexicon for help…that was 7 years ago.

client-success-sherwin-williamsSince Sterling Lexicon was hired by Sherwin-Williams in 2008, the team has breathed new life into the home sale program, quickly reducing the company’s inventory and days on market.

Those early successes quickly led to program growth and customer satisfaction ratings of 97.5%!

About the Client:
With more than 4,500 stores and facilities around the world, The Sherwin-Williams Company is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States and among the largest producers in the world. This Fortune 500 Company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and has a robust employee relocation program. Founded in 1866, Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to maintaining its history as a company that provides its employees with opportunities to learn and grow.

Frustrated with an inefficient home sale program, which was divided between two large relocation management providers, Sherwin-Williams wanted more timely action coupled with flexibility. The previous provider’s sea of red-tape for non-standard situations caused delays, resulting in higher relocation costs.

Sterling Lexicon, understanding that every day a home is on the market is lost income, worked quickly to turn the previously stagnant properties over.

Dan Solar of Sherwin-Williams says,

“The people at Sterling Lexicon who were assigned to our account became very focused on our properties and our results improved right off the bat. Things got done quickly, and properties sold much faster.”

As Sterling Lexicon continued to deliver the flexibility and the high level of attention to Sherwin-Williams employees, the company added international assignment management to Sterling Lexicon. Before Sterling Lexicon, the international relocation program was chaotic and had too many hands in it. Now, expatriates are handled by Sterling Lexicon, and the process is streamlined, leading to cost reductions and increases in compliance.

“Sterling Lexicon delivers on what they promise. When you present a situation to them or go to them looking at different aspects of a program, they always come back with recommendations to make it better or more cost efficient. They’ve never not delivered. They always have a solution that’s a good fit for our company.” Dan Solar, Sherwin-Williams

Lower relocation costs and a streamlined program customized to fit Sherwin needs is a win-win for the company and Sterling Lexicon. Over the seven years since Sherwin-Williams first came to Sterling Lexicon, their program has developed and grown as different services were added as needed.

This flexibility plus consistent service delivery and continual presentation of new ideas for program improvement equals customer satisfaction (employees gave Sterling Lexicon a 97.5% completely satisfied rating!), cost savings and less worry for Sherwin-Williams.

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