Mitre Success Story

Technology that delivers.

As a 100% non-profit and federally funded enterprise, The MITRE Corporation requires complete visibility and customized reports that can be run on a moment’s notice.

mitre_logo“We must be able to justify every spend and breakdown those numbers instantly,” said Wayne Conway, Relocation Services Manager at MITRE.

About the Client: 
MITRE is a not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers sponsored by the U.S. Federal Government. MITRE has 7,500 employees worldwide that operate out of two principal locations in Bedford, Massachusetts and McLean, Virginia, as well as additional sites across the country and around the world.  

Sterling Lexicon, known for its flexibility and customization, has the technology and team expertise to support the requirements MITRE needs from its suppliers.

Prior to using Sterling Lexicon, the MITRE relocation team struggled to measure and report on the metrics and costs required by their contracts. “If I can’t produce those reports, they come knocking on my door,” Conway said. Conway is an industry veteran and has worked in relocation management for more than 17 years.

“Reporting at Sterling Lexicon is superior. We can produce customized reports on demand. We must be able to defend our expenses, and Sterling Lexicon provides that with ease.”

As Sterling Lexicon continued to deliver the technology solutions MITRE requires for reporting, it’s the partnership and flexibility that took center stage during last year’s government sequestration.

“Cost containment is of a concern to everybody, and Sterling Lexicon management has the knowledge and expertise to assist and will work with you to obtain your financial goals.”

As a provider to MITRE since 2009, the same team has serviced the account since the beginning, providing continuity of service and a true understanding of the company’s relocation needs. This past year Sterling Lexicon and that team was honored with a Top Performer award by MITRE.    

“I have been in the relocation industry for more than 17 years and cannot be happier with our management team. The quality of services, compliance, technical excellence and accuracy of reporting is excellent.”

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