Increasing Efficiency

CDK Global Success Story

CDK Global outsources mobility program to increase efficiency.

Sterling Lexicon personnel championed CDK Global’s cause and worked together to identify process gaps and develop a personalized suite of policies and practices.

Increasing Efficiency for CDK Global“Prior to contracting with the relocation provider, CDK spoke to a few different relocation companies, but we felt like we were just another client to them. Although others were willing to provide the services we required, they seemed focused on how they could add additional cost to our agreement. We needed a partner that could be an extension of our own business and work with us, not for us."

Sarah Goodrick-Meech, Former Mobility Manager, CDK Global (UK) Limited

The facts about CDK Global

  • Founded as ADP Dealer Services in 1972
  • Became stand-alone company in 2014
  • Based in the UK
  • Industry: Automotive and IT marketing
  • 8,900 employees
  • Over 27,000 retail client locations
  • Serves clients in more than 100 countries
  • Average client retention rate is 20 years

Program goals

  • Streamline and unify global mobility program
  • Establish measurable success for relocation program
  • Alleviate administrative burden on mobility manager


  • Multiple expatriate agreements and policies used CDK Global HR resources and time inefficiently
  • Less time devoted to employee experience
  • Need to outsource expatriate agreements
  • Mobility/HR leadership changes

"After being a part of an in-house mobility team for three years at another company, the move to CDK–an organization who outsources their global mobility–was a big change for me. Within my first couple of weeks, I felt comfortable with Sterling Lexicon, who helped me to settle in and understand the different policies and procedures."

Alicia Cadogan Wilson, Global Mobility Manager, CDK Global (UK)

Sterling Lexicon offers solutions

In 2017, CDK Global partnered with Sterling Lexicon to meet its 2020 goals. Sterling Lexicon took an innovative approach to resolving CDK Global’s issues. Rather than trying to apply a quick fix or implementing a standard off-the-shelf solution, Sterling Lexicon personnel championed CDK Global’s cause and worked together to identify process gaps and develop a personalized suite of policies and practices.

CDK Global sees results

After updated policies were implemented, CDK Global saw increased efficiencies and compliance in their mobility program, as well as a higher return on investment for relocating employees.

  • Single core/optional policy agreement allowed flexibility in cost savings and tailored policy to employees’ country-specific needs
  • Streamlined workflow allowed HR professionals to focus on employee retention
  • Suite of policies, executive summaries and letters of assignment created consistency across network

“Sterling Lexicon has been excellent in understanding our requirements and supporting our business to meet our future needs. Their service to date has been of a high standard and I see them as a relocation partner, rather than a relocation provider.”

Alicia Cadogan Wilson, Global Mobility Manager, CDK Global (UK)


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