Advisory Services

Smarter programs built for you.

Global-mobility specialists on hand to tackle every relocation challenge.


From changing immigration rules to cumbersome tax consequences and policy benchmarking, we have a dedicated team whose job is to be in the know.

We stay on top of new laws, regulations, trends and best practices to help our clients stay compliant. You need the best policy and plan to attract top talent, and we can get you there.

As your global mobility specialist — whose experts’ average industry experience is 20 years — our team can deliver policy recommendations, provide mobility program reviews, answer your internal team’s questions about laws and compliance as well as help you build programs from the ground up.

Our experienced advisors develop tactics and strategies that can drive cost down and quality up

The Sterling Lexicon team conducts original research with a strong focus on all important global mobility-related subjects. We regularly produce and share valuable reports, whitepapers and blogs on the topics that matter to our clients.

No matter where you stand with your relocation needs, we can construct a competitive employee relocation policy that aligns with your company's global business plans and compliance issues.

Global mobility specialists in every field, including:

  •  Immigration and tax law
  •  Compliance (tax, payroll, immigration)
  •  Real estate
  •  Policy benchmarking  and creation
  •  Mobility trends and economics
  •  Group move management
  •  Mobility program design and development

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