Pre-Decision Services

Get it right from the start.

Improve your ROI for global mobility by making the right candidate selections from day one.


The right candidate can determine the success or failure of an assignment.

We deliver the peace of mind that who you select is the right fit - meaning you’re not spending thousands on an assignment that is failed before it begins.

You have to look beyond skill set when selecting a candidate for relocation. A good pre-decision program also makes sure your company is providing the right amount of support to assignees in critical areas. We consider cost, global competencies and culture fit—both for your geographic location and work environment. These can be just as important as the technical requirements of a job.

These traits and influences are why so many candidates struggle and fail in their assignments:

  • Personality factors
  • Leadership characteristics
  • Family issues
  • Career aspirations
  • Cultural pressures

You Have To Know What To Fix

Often candidates just need culture coaching, guidance and small adjustments to assignment requirements to shift a soon-to-be-failed assignment into a successful relocation for both the assignee and company. From advising on accompanying spouse support to compiling a well-organized and comprehensive compensation package, our team develops the processes and program to ensure success of your global talent.

Assessment approaches range from a full day of face-to-face conversation with the potential assignee and spouse to telephone interviews to self-assessment exercises.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Competency tools that evaluate job suitability
  • Coaching and assignment counseling
  • Culture training and family transition services
  • ROI measurement and tracking
  • Cost-of-living analysis
  • Pre-decision trip coordination
  • Area tours

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