Global Compensation

Let us take control.

Sending your employees on an assignment is one thing – complying with international tax rules is another.


Global compensation reporting is often complex and time-consuming, but the consequences of non-compliance are far reaching.

Technology has created a world where knowledge is power. More countries are sharing information across borders and using electronic filing to enforce local payroll regulations.  Compliance awareness and timely reporting are vital to staying ahead of the curve and protecting your employees working abroad. The compiling, management and reporting of compensation data to the appropriate country authorities is critical for the success of a global mobility program.

Regardless of whether your globally mobile employees are on a formal assignment or a short-term project, employers are responsible for addressing any potential wage and tax reporting rules.  

Access to employee-specific compensation, benefits and other related business expenses on a worldwide basis is a key driver to control your business’ costs and manage compliance risk.

How We Can Help

Sterling Lexicon offers a wide variety of international compensation and benefits services to support your business needs throughout the assignment life cycle.  Our robust web-based technology and collaborative approach enable us to deliver fully integrated solutions to ensure we catch any issues before they arise.  You can track the current status and progress of country-specific compensation accumulation via our client portal for payroll reporting and global tax management.  We manage the wing-to-wing process from the initial assignment planning stages to the coordination of collecting and sharing data globally even through the post-repatriation period.

Highlights of our capabilities include:

  •  Cost projections and financial reporting
  •  Global compensation overviews including allowance updates
  •  Certificate of Coverage applications
  •  Payroll instruction and reconciliations
  •  Compensation accumulation 
  •  Coordination with tax service and/or payroll providers related to mobility program management

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