Our Story

Leading the way.

Lexicon® Relocation set out with a goal of redefining the way companies view employee relocation.

Our clients are drawn to us because we listen to their needs, design relocation programmes to overcome unique challenges, and look beyond the existing state of affairs to develop and deliver innovative solutions.

Whether you relocate one or one million employees, our experienced professionals design programmes aligned with your culture that meet your financial and business goals. Founded in 1993, Lexicon Relocation serves clients with locations around the world. 

Lexicon Relocation customises mobility solutions to positively impact businesses all over the globe. Concentrated on delivering exceptional services, Lexicon’s team of highly-trained professionals handle the entire relocation process, from initial call to destination, allowing employees to promptly be productive in their new role. By adopting a client’s culture, Lexicon’s team works hand-in-hand with human resources teams to help them attract and retain competitive talent. 

We are continually thankful for our dedicated staff (the best in the business!) and loyal customers for partnering with us on this incredible journey!


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