4 Ways Pre-Employment Assessments Benefit Your Relocation Program

May 19, 2016 3:00:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

AdobeStock_48419194.jpegWe recently stumbled upon this infographic (see below) that looks at the many benefits of pre-employment assessments and immediately realized how applicable it is to global mobility. Whether you’re permanently relocating an employee across the country or sending them on a temporary international assignment, it makes sense to assess their suitability for such a move.

After all, if it can be costly to hire the wrong person, think about the cost of relocating the wrong person. You’re making an even bigger investment in that employee, so you should do your research. Candidate assessments can significantly reduce the number of failed assignments or relocations.

According to this infographic (which you can also see at the bottom of this post!), How Can Pre-Employment Assessments Help Your Organization? by CMA Consult, a bad hire can cost up to five times the annual salary of that person. That’s a lot of money down the drain! The same principal applies to a failed assignment, perhaps even on a larger scale.

The benefits of pre-employment assessment can be huge, so let’s look at them in the context of global mobility.

1. Performance

A variety of assessments from cognitive ability to motivation to personality can help predict the performance of an employee. These can also help predict how someone will thrive or struggle in an assignment.

Will they have the personality and leadership skills that help them step into a foreign environment with gusto? Or are they more likely to hang back? Having information like this about a candidate can help you decide if it makes sense to offer them the position.

2. Retention

It would be extremely disappointing to spend the money to relocate an employee to a different location or send them on assignment only to have them leave soon after. Assessments have been shown to predict new hire retention and success.

Of course you’ll never know with absolute certainty how long an employee will stay with your company, but candidate assessments can increase your peace of mind on the subject.

3. Person-Job Fit

This is probably the biggest benefit when we’re talking about candidate assessments for global mobility. By its nature, an international assignment in particular means a new culture, new environment and new challenges. Especially if the candidate’s family is along for the ride, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Check out this post Five Pitfalls to Avoid for Assignment Success to get a glimpse on all factors that can make or break an assigment.

An assessment can show who’s best suited for this, but it can also show you areas that can be remedied with some coaching and guidance. The situation may just need some tweaking – perhaps dual-career assistance for a spouse or some pre-relocation counseling can ensure that perfect fit.

4. Monetary

At the end of the day, the decision to hire, relocate or assign an employee needs to make financial sense. Doing your work at the beginning of the process can make a big difference to your ROI. Failed assignments can be a very costly business mistake. Not only does a failed assignment mean wasted relocation costs, but it could also mean a lost employee.

Download our whitepaper "The Anatamony of A Failed Assignments" to learn more.

Your global mobility program is part of your investment in your people and company on a broader scale. Before you jump in, consider using assessments to ensure that investment is as safe as it can be.

Want to know more about how candidate assessments and other pre-decision services can save you money and ensure assignment success? We'd be happy to help - contact us now!

Pre-employment assessment infographic

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