Do You Know How FHA Loans Can Derail Your Employee Relocations?

Home purchase with FHA loanChances are, you’ve had a relocating employee in the U.S. whose home sale or purchase involved a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan. If not, the potential for it is great. You may not know what makes that type of loan different from a conventional loan, which could lead to some headaches for you and your employee. Being aware and prepared for those differences could save both of you time and energy.

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by Michelle Dopps

23 Global Mobility Trends That Will Impact Your Program This Year

Global Mobility Trends Spring 2016Do you have time to pay attention to the news in every region of the world where your business could be affected? Have you thought about how all of these world events could specifically impact your global mobility program?

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by Michelle Dopps

April Showers Bring...Floods? A Must-Read for Your Relocating Employees

Most homeowners in the U.S. are aware that if they live in a designated flood plain, they are likely required to purchase flood insurance.  But do your transferring employees know that even if they don’t live in a flood plain, they may be required to purchase a flood insurance policy?  Renters may also benefit from purchasing a flood insurance policy to protect their household contents.  Because relocation policies do not often advise employees to consider purchasing flood insurance, the following information will prove useful to your transferring employees to encourage them to be properly insured in the event a flood damages their homes.

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by Michelle Dopps

The Hidden Home Sale Threat That Could Impede Your Employee Relocations

Stone veneer and relocation program home saleFor relocating employees who are buying or selling a house within in the U.S., there’s another challenge they may face. We’ve been hearing about the challenges presented by composition board siding and exterior insulation and finish systems (commonly referred to as EIFS) for years.  At the least, moisture issues can exist; at the worst, mold and structural deterioration of a house can occur due to improper installation.

Now, homeowners are encountering similar moisture and structural concerns with another siding material: stone veneer. Keep reading to make sure you’re in the know and able to help prevent any issues that may pop up for your relocating employees.

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by Michelle Dopps

Relocation Benefits for Interns: Crazy or Genius?

Internships_cover.pngInternships are a great way to introduce new talent to your company, and if you’re doing it right, to create loyal future full-time employees. Just as finding the best and brightest talent can be a challenge, it’s not always easy to recruit the interns you need. Are you leveraging your relocation benefits to help?

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by Michelle Dopps

How to Make Lump Sum Programs Work With Your Relocation Policy

(For part one of our Lump sum policy post, click here!)

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by Michelle Dopps

Why Dual-Career Assistance Shouldn't be Ignored

Dual_Career_Assistance_coverOne of your top priorities is attaining and keeping your company's biggest assets - your employees. While there are numerous factors to consider in pursuing this goal, your relocation policy is one of the essentials. Global mobility is ever-changing to reflect what's going on in the world, and you must take these changes into account to stay on top.

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by Administrator

Why Should I Choose U.S. Domestic Short-Term Assignments for My Employees?

Your company is opening a new location on the opposite side of the country, and good leadership is needed to get that branch up and running. How will your team accomplish this? Many companies are choosing to send current talent to the new location on a temporary basis. Short-term assignments may be the best option – you can leverage your employee’s knowledge to hire and train local talent without permanently uprooting his or her family. If all factors add up, including cost and alignment with your business plan, a short-term assignment could be your company’s best bet.

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by Michelle Dopps