5 Hot Topics in Global Mobility Today

5 Hot Topics in Global MobilityLooking for a mid-day distraction that still counts as work? You’ve found it! It’s well known that global mobility and employee relocation managers need to be up-to-date on the many topics affecting your job. From immigration to taxes to employee hiring to a million other topics, your job is touched by events and happenings around the world. Here are a few recent articles we’ve found that will help you sharpen your knowledge while also taking a short break from your day-to-day tasks:

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by Michelle Dopps

3 Workplace Trends That Will Have a Major Effect on Global Mobility This Year

Staying on top of trends and changes that can affect your company and job is key to your success. Your approaches and plans must evolve as the world around you does, or you risk getting left behind.

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by Michelle Dopps

Experts Predict What’s Ahead for Global Mobility in 2016

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball to see what’s coming in a new year? So do we.

global mobility employee relocation trends predictions

by Michelle Dopps

The Top 10 Global Mobility Topics of 2015

Top 10 Global Mobility Topics in 20152015 saw many world events that directly affected global mobility, and there were a lot of questions on the minds of relocation and HR professionals. The Lexicon blog is where we answer those questions and discuss what’s going on in global mobility around the world – hopefully you’ve found lots of helpful information here this year!

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by Michelle Dopps

The State of Global Mobility: 21 Revealing Trends Every Global Mobility Manager Should Know

The State of Global Mobility: 21 Revealing TrendsIt can be nearly impossible to stay on top of the many world events that could have an impact on your global mobility program and your relocating employees. Especially if you have assignees in multiple regions, there’s just too much happening to make sure you’re clued in to everything. We’ve created our series, Global Mobility: Top Trends to Watch, to keep you in the loop.

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by Michelle Dopps

What You Missed at the Hong Kong American Chamber of Commerce Meeting

shutterstock_154612418-2-International-Hong_Kong_Skyline-SmallThe American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is one of the largest American Chambers outside the U.S. It is the largest international chamber in Hong Kong and is considered one of the most dynamic and influential international business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region.

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by Michelle Dopps

Technology Trends Every Global Mobility Manager Should Know

The role technology plays in global travelers’ lives is certainly on the rise. But what specific technology trends are affecting global mobility, and what does that mean for you and your assignees?

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by Michelle Dopps

Trippel Survey Reports Lexicon Rated #1 More Times Than Any Other Relocation Company

Where can global mobility professionals turn for accurate information on what to consider and what questions to ask about their employee relocation program? How can you tell if the company will fit within your company culture? There are a proliferation of players, products and pricing options available when choosing a relocation management company.

Trippel survey global mobility trends

by Michelle Dopps

Do You Know What Other Global Mobility Managers Are Thinking? (Part 1)

Ready to listenWhat do global mobility managers think of their mobility programs, their relocation management companies, and what’s going on in the global mobility world? At the recent Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium, we wanted to find out what attendees had to say about such topics. With a whiteboard-clad booth and plenty of markers, Lexicon’s team heard what’s on the minds of global mobility decision makers.

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by Michelle Dopps