5 Hot Topics in Global Mobility Today

5 Hot Topics in Global MobilityLooking for a mid-day distraction that still counts as work? You’ve found it! It’s well known that global mobility and employee relocation managers need to be up-to-date on the many topics affecting your job. From immigration to taxes to employee hiring to a million other topics, your job is touched by events and happenings around the world. Here are a few recent articles we’ve found that will help you sharpen your knowledge while also taking a short break from your day-to-day tasks:

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by Michelle Dopps

A Checklist of the Top 12 Questions to Answer for Year-End Compensation and Payroll Planning

Compensation, payroll, tax checklist for global mobilityAs 2015 winds down and you start to look toward a new year, there are a number of action items that can slip through the cracks when it comes to compensation and payroll. Managing your global mobility program doesn’t end when a relocation or assignment is complete – there are many follow-up tasks that need to be addressed, especially when it comes to compensation. We’ve put together this comprehensive checklist of questions to help you stay at the top of your game, even with the December distractions of holiday parties and shopping!

global mobility tax implications compensation payroll

by Barbara Hodgdon, CPA, GPHR

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Your Business Travelers by Asking These 4 Questions

Taking a business trip may not seem like it needs any special consideration by global mobility managers, but neglecting to plan ahead could be costly for your company. Next time one of your employees is about to head out on the road (or air!), especially to a foreign country, think about these four things and make sure the answers are well defined. When you know the potential consequences ahead of time, you’ll save yourself from headaches down the line.

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by Pam Buchanan, GMS

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Global Travelers and Employers

Understand the ACAThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the largest restructuring of the U.S. healthcare system and funding practices to date.  Now more than ever, companies need to ensure their global travelers are kept in the loop on how their healthcare coverage could be affected. All U.S. citizens and green card holders must maintain minimal essential coverage (MEC) under ACA guidelines or risk tax penalties. Managing employees’ expectations during this period of implementation will be challenging, so it is important for employers to stay well informed. Additionally, companies need to know how new and changing rulings affect their responsibilities.

compliance and global mobility relocating employees tax implications The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

by Michelle Dopps

Expired Tax Breaks Could Impact Relocating Employees

by Stefanie Schreck, SCRP, SGMS
Manager, Domestic Consulting Services

describe the imageAs 2013 came to a close, 55 tax breaks affecting everything from taxes on charitable deductions to tax relief for underwater homeowners were allowed to expire. 

corporate relocation program relocating employees lexicon relocation transferees tax implications

by Michelle Dopps

Lexicon Speaks on Compliance Challenges at FEM Summit

describe the imageLexicon’s very own, Deborah Wilkes, presented new insights on compliance issues at The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) conference held in the luxurious JW Marriot Hotel in Las Vegas last week.

global mobility immigration compliance and global mobility corporate relocation program relocating employees tax implications

by Michelle Dopps

Global Mobility Managers Advised to Prepare Expatriates for Swiss Banking Problems

swiss tax problemsThe Swiss government is working to “restore stability” to the Swiss banking industry after the country’s oldest bank closed its doors after admitting to helping Americans evade taxes which resulted in a fine of nearly US $58 million. To date over a dozen banks have offered to plead guilty with a fine to avoid prosecution.

global mobility employee relocation relocating employees tax implications

by Michelle Dopps

Global Mobility Programs Hit Though U.S. Fiscal Cliff Avoided


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by Michelle Dopps