The Skills Gap Threat Has CEOs Worried – Is Your Global Mobility Program Ready?

It's not enough that companies are in an all-out war to retain the best and brightest to help their company grow to new heights, but there is also a looming battle on the horizon that may prove even more difficult to win.  

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by Michelle Dopps

4 Ways to Leverage Your Global Mobility Program to Win the War for Talent

This is How You Win the War for TalentIf you’re involved in your company’s global mobility or employee relocation programs, you know that it can be a valuable tool in the recruitment of employees. Whether it’s a great relocation package or an exciting, career-making international assignment, your global mobility program can offer your employees many benefits. It’s not just about the benefits, though – there are many ways to make global mobility work for you in the war to hire and retain the best talent.

global mobility employee relocation HR talent management

by Michelle Dopps

The Top 5 Global Mobility and Talent Management Takeaways from FEM APAC

FEM APACEarlier this week, the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) held their APAC Summit in Hong Kong. The whole day was full of educational content, and the keynote titled Thinking Strategically: How Can Global Mobility Fuel the Talent Cycle? by Norbert Modla, Group Head of HR for JF Hillebrand Group, was a highlight. Lexicon’s Avrom Goldberg, who also presented at the event on our China Global Mobility 360˚ Survey, reported back some of the key insights from Modla’s presentation.

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by Michelle Dopps

Can’t We All Just Get Along? 5 Tips for Aligning HR/Talent Management and Global Mobility Teams

As companies grow and expand internationally, global mobility’s role in ensuring success also increases. The more people you’re hiring and moving around the world, the more important it is to make sure alignment with HR/talent management is a priority.

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by Michelle Dopps