What is Shadow Payroll?

Shadow payroll reporting in two countriesIf you’ve heard this term before but didn’t actually know what it meant, this is the article for you! Or maybe you have a vague idea about what shadow payroll means but aren’t up to speed on the particulars -- we’ve got the answers to your questions.

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by Barbara Hodgdon, CPA, GPHR

3 Assignment Challenges Global Mobility Managers Face When Expatriating American Citizens

3 Challenges with American ExpatriationIf you are responsible for expatriation of U.S. citizens, you need to be aware of a wide range of issues that create unique (and often costly) challenges in recruitment of talent for international assignments. For the most part, employment laws are very different in the U.S. than in the rest of the world, which can make employing American citizens in other countries complicated. You should pay particular attention to these issues:

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by Michelle Dopps

Are Expat Lite Policies Helpful or Harmful to Your Global Mobility Program?

Expat lite - helpful or harmful for global mobilityIf you’ve heard the term “Expat Lite” thrown around, you may be wondering:  1. what exactly is that? and 2. is this something my company should include in our global mobility program? With many companies trying to reduce costs, relocation programs with international assignments are getting a second look with an eye towards savings, and Expat Lite has grown out of that. But are these programs good for both your bottom line and your overall global mobility program, or are they more trouble than they’re worth?

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by Michelle Dopps

Reduce Failed Assignments with These Expat Support Websites

Support for international assigneesWorking abroad can be exciting and rewarding, but it also comes with unique challenges. As a global mobility manager, you can help set up your international assignees for success by choosing the right candidates for the right jobs, but you should also make sure they have the support they need after they’ve relocated. After all, getting them there is only half the battle – so what’s the other half?

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by Michelle Dopps

5 Hot Topics in Global Mobility Today

5 Hot Topics in Global MobilityLooking for a mid-day distraction that still counts as work? You’ve found it! It’s well known that global mobility and employee relocation managers need to be up-to-date on the many topics affecting your job. From immigration to taxes to employee hiring to a million other topics, your job is touched by events and happenings around the world. Here are a few recent articles we’ve found that will help you sharpen your knowledge while also taking a short break from your day-to-day tasks:

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by Michelle Dopps

Why Home Leave is a Crucial Global Mobility Benefit That Shouldn’t be Ignored

When you send an employee on an overseas assignment, things are bound to change back at the mothership while they’re gone. Even if the assignment isn’t lengthy, office dynamics shift any time people come and go. Add to that any broader company changes, and it can be difficult for an absent employee to feel connected to their old team back home.

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by Pam Buchanan, GMS

Are You Paying More Than Your Fair Share of Taxes for International Relocations?

International assignments come with many benefits as well as many expenses. When relocating assignees overseas, you want to be as tax advantageous as possible to help undercut some of those expenses. One way to do that is by minimizing social security tax costs where applicable. 

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by Barbara Hodgdon, CPA, GPHR

Are Countries Turning Away Business as They Close Their Doors to Immigrants?

The news has been full of stories lately on the topic of immigration, particularly in Europe. One aspect that may deserve a little more attention is the effect that tightened immigration policies could have on international business.

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by Michelle Dopps

7 of the Most Common Questions Asked by Employees Relocating Internationally

Try placing yourself in the shoes of your relocating employees. There are more unknowns than knowns, especially if it’s your employee’s first corporate relocation moving outside of their home country. What kind of questions would you have? What would you want your HR department or relocation team to answer for you?

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by Michelle Dopps