6 Relocation and Global Mobility Blogs to Gobble up on a Regular Basis

Global mobility resources to gobble upAs we’re getting ready to head home for Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we thought we’d share some of the blogs, article feeds and news sites we’ve been thankful for this year! All of these feature great resources and lots of valuable information for anyone in the global mobility industry. We are thankful for the great content they share.

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by Michelle Dopps

Why Dual-Career Assistance Shouldn't be Ignored

Dual_Career_Assistance_coverOne of your top priorities is attaining and keeping your company's biggest assets - your employees. While there are numerous factors to consider in pursuing this goal, your relocation policy is one of the essentials. Global mobility is ever-changing to reflect what's going on in the world, and you must take these changes into account to stay on top.

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by Administrator

What Does That Mean? Common Relocation Terms Defined

Definitions of relocation termsIf you’ve been in the employee relocation industry for a while (or even if you’re brand new to employee relocations), it’s easy to get wrapped up in acronyms that are used on a daily basis. You may forget that the employees you’re moving probably have no idea what “Booking Agent” or “Storage in Transit” really means.

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by Michelle Dopps

Lexicon Showcases Global Mobility in China Expertise at NERA Meeting


By Daniel Keating
SVP, Global Business Development & Marketing

Fall is here, and the Lexicon team is staying busy! Lexicon teams from business development, account management and consulting services have been in the air and on the road, actively presenting and participating in many employee relocation industry events. Most recently, we headed to the New England Relocation Association (NERA) 2014 Fall Meeting in Norwood, Massachusetts, on October 2 to share our take on global mobility in China.

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by Michelle Dopps