Brexit and Global Mobility: What You and Your Employees Need to Know

Brexit and global mobility The U.K. vote to leave the European Union has sent shock waves around the world and taken both the U.K. and the EU into wholly uncharted territory. This leaves global mobility professionals, especially those of you with employees or business in the U.K. and other European countries, wondering what lies ahead.

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by Michelle Dopps

Home Sale Pitfalls to Avoid for Successful Employee Relocations

Home sale pitfalls to avoid for relocation successWith the summer upon us, the strongest time of year to sell homes in many U.S. markets is here. School is out, and many of your employees are likely choosing to sell their homes now so that they can move before the start of the new school year. However, there are some pitfalls to be aware of that could delay your employees’ relocations. Make sure you’re paying attention to these areas:

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by Michelle Dopps

Do You Know How FHA Loans Can Derail Your Employee Relocations?

Home purchase with FHA loanChances are, you’ve had a relocating employee in the U.S. whose home sale or purchase involved a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan. If not, the potential for it is great. You may not know what makes that type of loan different from a conventional loan, which could lead to some headaches for you and your employee. Being aware and prepared for those differences could save both of you time and energy.

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by Michelle Dopps

4 Ways Pre-Employment Assessments Benefit Your Relocation Program

AdobeStock_48419194.jpegWe recently stumbled upon this infographic (see below) that looks at the many benefits of pre-employment assessments and immediately realized how applicable it is to global mobility. Whether you’re permanently relocating an employee across the country or sending them on a temporary international assignment, it makes sense to assess their suitability for such a move.

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by Michelle Dopps

The Skills Gap Threat Has CEOs Worried – Is Your Global Mobility Program Ready?

It's not enough that companies are in an all-out war to retain the best and brightest to help their company grow to new heights, but there is also a looming battle on the horizon that may prove even more difficult to win.  

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by Michelle Dopps

5 Hot Topics in Global Mobility Today

5 Hot Topics in Global MobilityLooking for a mid-day distraction that still counts as work? You’ve found it! It’s well known that global mobility and employee relocation managers need to be up-to-date on the many topics affecting your job. From immigration to taxes to employee hiring to a million other topics, your job is touched by events and happenings around the world. Here are a few recent articles we’ve found that will help you sharpen your knowledge while also taking a short break from your day-to-day tasks:

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by Michelle Dopps

The Hidden Home Sale Threat That Could Impede Your Employee Relocations

Stone veneer and relocation program home saleFor relocating employees who are buying or selling a house within in the U.S., there’s another challenge they may face. We’ve been hearing about the challenges presented by composition board siding and exterior insulation and finish systems (commonly referred to as EIFS) for years.  At the least, moisture issues can exist; at the worst, mold and structural deterioration of a house can occur due to improper installation.

Now, homeowners are encountering similar moisture and structural concerns with another siding material: stone veneer. Keep reading to make sure you’re in the know and able to help prevent any issues that may pop up for your relocating employees.

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by Michelle Dopps

Relocation Benefits for Interns: Crazy or Genius?

Internships_cover.pngInternships are a great way to introduce new talent to your company, and if you’re doing it right, to create loyal future full-time employees. Just as finding the best and brightest talent can be a challenge, it’s not always easy to recruit the interns you need. Are you leveraging your relocation benefits to help?

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by Michelle Dopps

A Year in Relocation: Why 2015 Was a Standout at Lexicon

Celebrating a year in relocationWhat an amazing year we had in 2015! Putting together our Year in Review is always a fun and exciting project as we look back on the highlights, and this year was no exception. Working with team members across the company, we pulled numbers, remembered events and tallied accomplishments.

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by Michelle Dopps