Do You Know How to Protect Your Relocation Program From the Hidden Costs of Mineral Rights Issues?

What on Earth do mineral rights have to do with relocation? When relocation policies include home sale programs, it’s important to make sure the properties you take on don’t pose a big risk to your company. Because of this, your employees must have a clear, marketable title on their properties to qualify for a home sale program.

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by Michelle Dopps

Don't Risk Destroying Your Culture When Outsourcing Employee Relocation

There comes a time at every company when outsourcing just makes sense. A common concern when stepping outside for help is the loss of your company’s personal touch. For a lot of industries, especially technology companies who are competing for top talent, your company’s culture is a huge factor in a candidate’s decision to choose you.  

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by Michelle Dopps

The Do's and Don'ts for Group Move Success

doanddontHave you opened a new office and need to build a staff?  Has your company realigned talent, requiring a dozen or so employees to relocate at the same time?  What about a department move to another location?

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by Administrator

Technology Trends Every Global Mobility Manager Should Know

The role technology plays in global travelers’ lives is certainly on the rise. But what specific technology trends are affecting global mobility, and what does that mean for you and your assignees?

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by Michelle Dopps

The Impact of China's Air Pollution On Employee Relocation Policies

Written by: Pam Buchanan and Spring Zhou

China pollutionOver the past several years, China has been experiencing ever higher levels of air pollution. Thick smog and haze covers more than 2.7 million square kilometers of the country, affecting more than 600 million people. The provinces suffering the most are Hebei, Shandong and Shanxi, while the air quality in Beijing and Tianjin continuously fails health standards.

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by Michelle Dopps

5 Great Takeaways from SHRM Conference

SHRM Annual Conference.docx resized 600Lexicon representatives, Deborah Wilkes and Pam Buchanan, attended the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition held in Orlando, FL which hosted over 13,000 attendees.  The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Create, Transform, and Connect’.

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by Michelle Dopps

Would Your Employee Relocation Policy Benefit From A Managed Cap Program?

describe the imageWith “flexibility” and “options” in the forefront of relocating employees’ minds, companies are increasingly considering alternative relocation policies for their U.S. domestic transferees.  Core/flex programs are back in the spotlight, as they provide the flexibility the transferee desires while also providing the company a mechanism to control costs. But is there another way to have a flexible policy that controls costs and provides structure? The answer is YES!  It’s called a Managed Cap program.

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by Michelle Dopps

Do Your Relocating Employees Know The Difference Between A Relocation Appraisal And Bank Appraisal?

by Stefanie R. Schreck, SCRP, SGMS


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by Michelle Dopps

Four Critical Steps to Terminating an Employee on International Assignment

by Pam Buchanan

describe the imageTerminating employees while on overseas expatriate assignments can be a daunting task for most HR departments. 

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by Michelle Dopps