The Award-Winning Report that is a Must-Read for Global Mobility Managers

Lexicon FEM EMMA award winnerWhile we typically try to keep this space focused on topics and news affecting global mobility, we’d like to step out of that box for just one post to share some exciting news: we won an award!

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by Michelle Dopps

23 Global Mobility Trends That Will Impact Your Program This Year

Global Mobility Trends Spring 2016Do you have time to pay attention to the news in every region of the world where your business could be affected? Have you thought about how all of these world events could specifically impact your global mobility program?

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by Michelle Dopps

The Top 5 Global Mobility and Talent Management Takeaways from FEM APAC

FEM APACEarlier this week, the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) held their APAC Summit in Hong Kong. The whole day was full of educational content, and the keynote titled Thinking Strategically: How Can Global Mobility Fuel the Talent Cycle? by Norbert Modla, Group Head of HR for JF Hillebrand Group, was a highlight. Lexicon’s Avrom Goldberg, who also presented at the event on our China Global Mobility 360˚ Survey, reported back some of the key insights from Modla’s presentation.

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by Michelle Dopps

How will China’s Skilled Labor Shortage Impact Your Global Mobility Program?

China Takes Steps to Remedy Growth Issues, but are they Enough?

Due to their current and future growth issues and their attempts to control their population, China continues to face serious social and economic issues. While China once struggled with overpopulation, the opposite is now becoming an issue, as their impending skilled labor shortage threatens to negatively impact their economy. Companies with operations in China should be aware that the talent pool could be limited for local Chinese nationals in the future.

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by Pam Buchanan, GMS

The State of Global Mobility: 21 Revealing Trends Every Global Mobility Manager Should Know

The State of Global Mobility: 21 Revealing TrendsIt can be nearly impossible to stay on top of the many world events that could have an impact on your global mobility program and your relocating employees. Especially if you have assignees in multiple regions, there’s just too much happening to make sure you’re clued in to everything. We’ve created our series, Global Mobility: Top Trends to Watch, to keep you in the loop.

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by Michelle Dopps

What You Missed at the Hong Kong American Chamber of Commerce Meeting

shutterstock_154612418-2-International-Hong_Kong_Skyline-SmallThe American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is one of the largest American Chambers outside the U.S. It is the largest international chamber in Hong Kong and is considered one of the most dynamic and influential international business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region.

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by Michelle Dopps

Lexicon Offers Sneak Peek of Survey Results at HR Executive Summit in Shanghai

View_of_Shanghai_from_our_office_51st_floor_in_Raffles_City_ShanghaiGlobal mobility in China is growing in complexity as China’s expansion in the business world continues. Knowing how to structure and position your China relocation and assignment policies is essential to attracting top talent. To provide our clients with the best and most accurate information on the subject, Lexicon recently conducted a worldwide research survey to uncover new data and trends in global mobility in China.

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by Administrator

Teaching and Learning around the World

The month of March saw Lexicon’s experts traveling the globe for education and conferences, from Hong Kong to Sao Paulo. For a snapshot of what we’ve been up to and the valuable things we’ve been learning, keep reading!

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by Michelle Dopps

The Impact of China's Air Pollution On Employee Relocation Policies

Written by: Pam Buchanan and Spring Zhou

China pollutionOver the past several years, China has been experiencing ever higher levels of air pollution. Thick smog and haze covers more than 2.7 million square kilometers of the country, affecting more than 600 million people. The provinces suffering the most are Hebei, Shandong and Shanxi, while the air quality in Beijing and Tianjin continuously fails health standards.

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by Michelle Dopps