Relocation Benefits for Interns: Crazy or Genius?

March 31, 2016 2:30:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

Internships_cover.pngInternships are a great way to introduce new talent to your company, and if you’re doing it right, to create loyal future full-time employees. Just as finding the best and brightest talent can be a challenge, it’s not always easy to recruit the interns you need. Are you leveraging your relocation benefits to help?

Last year, we created a guide to help you develop an internship relocation program. But that got us thinking, and we wanted to know more about relocation assistance and interns. We launched a focus survey and got some answers! That information is available now in our free whitepaper, Relocating Our Future: Don't Let Your Internship Programs Get Left Behind.

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The survey results show that a growing number of companies are offering relocation benefits to their employees, and we’re willing to bet that number will continue to rise. 97% of surveyed companies offer some sort of internship, and of those, 48% offer relocation assistance to interns relocating within the U.S.

Relocation benefits and internships

While that’s not quite a majority, it is a pretty significant portion of employers who recognize how these benefits can help win them the talent they seek. And they’re structuring those benefits in ways that align with their overall talent management strategies by picking and choosing what types of benefits and services to offer.

Want to know what those benefits are and how you compare? Our new whitepaper dives even deeper into this topic and highlights detailed survey results on internships and the types of relocation services offered. Relocating Our Future: Don't Let Your Internship Programs Get Left Behind is full of interesting information and insights. Get your copy now!

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