Relocating Employees to the U.K.? Here's What You Need to Know About the "Right to Rent" Law

October 21, 2015 4:30:00 PM EDT | By: Pam Buchanan, GMS

gavel_med_050613-resized-600In an effort to deter illegal residents from residing in the United Kingdom, the U.K. government introduced new legislation giving landlords more authority to refuse or evict tenants without proper documentation.

The U.K. ‘Right to Rent’ scheme was originally introduced in the immigration act of 2014, which goes into full effect February 1, 2016. ‘Right to Rent’ was created to deter illegal residents from residing or seeking to reside in the U.K. and makes it easier for private landlords to refuse to rent to them or to evict them.

New legislation also requires all private landlords in the U.K. to verify and keep copies of tenant’s identification documents proving they are legally registered to work and reside in the U.K.  Landlords can be fined up to GBP 3,000 per tenant for non-compliance.

You might be thinking “but all of my employees are legal, so why do I need to worry about this?”

While all your employees may be legally working and living in the U.K., do they have quick access to all the necessary documentation now required?

Those companies who struggle with quick access to documentation may find extended hotel stays and delayed start schedules a costly burden if access can’t be resolved in a timely manner. This is usually a problem for companies who may be new to international relocation or lack the technology infrastructure to access and track documentation, visa stays, immigration papers, etc.

Expatriates should be prepared by having up to date immigration documentation for themselves and their dependents readily available when securing their permanent residence in the UK. Resolving access to proper documentation will need to be a priority for those companies who don’t utilize a third party management company such as Lexicon to handle its global mobility program.

Relocation management companies such as Lexicon already have procedures in place to ensure all relocating employees have the necessary documentation prior to securing a rental property.

For more information on this topic, please check out this article now at Gov. UK:

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