Lexicon Offers Sneak Peek of Survey Results at HR Executive Summit in Shanghai

June 22, 2015 11:50:59 AM EDT | By: Administrator

View_of_Shanghai_from_our_office_51st_floor_in_Raffles_City_ShanghaiGlobal mobility in China is growing in complexity as China’s expansion in the business world continues. Knowing how to structure and position your China relocation and assignment policies is essential to attracting top talent. To provide our clients with the best and most accurate information on the subject, Lexicon recently conducted a worldwide research survey to uncover new data and trends in global mobility in China.

Highlights from our China Global Mobility 360° Survey were the topic of Lexicon’s presentation at the sixth annual HR Executive Summit held in Shanghai June 10-11. The Summit was organized by China’s leading HR meeting and networking organization, Enfovia, who partnered with Lexicon on the survey. Lexicon’s Avrom Goldberg and Spring Zhou addressed the gala lunch on the second day of the conference, providing attendees with an overview of the China Global Mobility 360˚ survey project.


The study’s goal is to produce the most comprehensive view and analysis of global mobility in China by surveying policy and practices not only for assignments into China, but also for assignments domestically within China and from China. Drawing on responses from both foreign headquartered global companies active in China as well as companies who call China home and are expanding their operations overseas, the survey results will provide a uniquely wide-ranging view into the topic. The Lexicon study has drawn responses from 157 global companies worldwide, 40 of which are headquartered in China.

Lexicon’s presenters were certainly in good company at the Enfovia Summit! It drew 175 attendees, almost all of whom are senior-level HR practitioners based in Shanghai. Presentations by senior leaders of both non-China-based and China-headquartered companies focused heavily on talent management and talent development strategies in China as well as the challenges companies face in successfully bridging West and East.

Survey analysis is underway by the Lexicon team, and the full report is earmarked for publication in the fall. Stay tuned for more news on this groundbreaking project!

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