Don't Risk Destroying Your Culture When Outsourcing Employee Relocation

September 3, 2015 2:28:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

There comes a time at every company when outsourcing just makes sense. A common concern when stepping outside for help is the loss of your company’s personal touch. For a lot of industries, especially technology companies who are competing for top talent, your company’s culture is a huge factor in a candidate’s decision to choose you.  

Don't destroy your culture when outsourcingYour culture should influence every decision and infiltrate all areas of your company – from how you recruit to what perks you offer to how your relocation policies and programs are developed, implemented and written.

Last year when a growing tech company (who shall remain nameless due to a non-disclosure agreement!) hired Lexicon, their global mobility program was practically nonexistent. By embracing their unique culture and mentoring their internal team, our team was able to deliver a program that matched their culture and spoke their language.

Below is a look into their specific challenges and how a flexible, customizable program was able to retain the unique personality of the company.

The Challenge:

With exponential growth in a very short time, this company was struggling to keep up with relocating their new employees. They had no team dedicated to managing relocation and no consultant to help, so it was impossible to be hands on with every relocation. As the company grew, they worked with individual service providers directly, but they had no management or cohesive program.

After too many relocations had too many service failures, they decided it was time to get help.

The Solution:

Stepping Outside of the Box

Outside of the box solutionsBecause the company doesn’t focus on employee hierarchy, the traditional tiered policies were off the table. Every company’s needs are unique, and it’s important to find a partner who doesn’t force you into a one-size-fits-all program. The custom program Lexicon delivered focused on flexibility to meet each employee’s needs. This new program and its agility to accommodate non-traditional and last-minute requests were a perfect fit. Their relocation manager was thrilled:

“There has never been a time that I’ve gone to Lexicon and asked if we could do something a specific way and heard an answer of ‘no.’ This is so important to us – we want to do it this way despite the fact that everyone else does it that way.”

Acting as a Trusted Advisor

Having a company that can provide a high level of touch to all employees without having to exhaust internal resources can be so valuable for an HR department. Since this team was new to the relocation world, it was important that they have a guide through the development of their program and policies, providing education to employees about what a relocation program can and should look like.

Furthermore, you want to be able to trust that advisor. You need solutions and answers that don’t lead you down a path of spending more money than is necessary or biting off more than you can chew. For this company, we met those needs:

“Since I don’t have a background in relocation, I’m constantly asking questions. Lexicon has held my hand and answered all of my questions no problem – it’s nice to know I have someone I can trust. And I never worry an answer will cost us more money than we want to spend.”

The Results:

After their determined search for a way to outsource while keeping their culture intact, this growing company now has an employee relocation program that is a competitive tool in the battle to win the best and brightest talent. They know they can deliver in the relocation department – if a candidate has a specific request, our team understands and makes it happen.

There is no longer any worry that a last-minute request can’t be accommodated or will end in a service failure (in fact, they have a 97% completely satisfied rating by relocating employees!). Thanks to their customized global mobility program and our customer service, the challenges of their earlier days in relocation are gone.

Find out more about what Lexicon can do for your program, click below.

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