FIDI Focus gets the full story on global expansion

August 24, 2018 1:34:12 PM EDT | By: Jacqueline Briggs

As businesses expand globally, recent trends show many choose to pare down in-house mobility teams, instead opting to outsource program management. This change is making it more important than ever for mobility providers to be available around the world.

singapore_pptTo enhance its global resources, Lexicon® Relocation acquired UK-based Sterling Mobility earlier this year. Chief Commercial Officer Mark Burchell talked to FIDI Focus, a bi-monthly international moving industry magazine, about how the acquisition has made both organizations stronger global players.

“We don’t think the single-ownership global networks are agile enough to compete in today’s very fluid marketplace,” Burchell said. “We needed to have regional centres, or hubs, that can manage our clients on a regional or global basis.”

To learn more, download the article Building a Global Scale, or read the August/September issue of FIDI Focus.

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