Why We Acquired Connells Relocation Services

May 12, 2015 3:05:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

Connells and LexiconToday we announced our acquisition of U.K.-based Connells Relocation Services, Ltd. Outlined below are a few reasons we think this move is the right fit for Lexicon, Connells Relocation and most importantly, our clients.

1. We pursue strategic growth with a purpose.
Lexicon isn’t interested in growth for the sake of size. Our growth strategy is deliberate and centered on the needs of our customers. This acquisition combines and leverages the local industry experience of Connells Relocation with Lexicon’s global resources and cutting-edge technology platforms. The result is additional service capabilities that allow us to advance relocation programs for all clients.

These new service capabilities include U.K. domestic relocations and U.K. government services. With the Connells Relocation office located in Newbury Berkshire as well as our current U.K. location in Hammersmith, we are well-equipped to handle any and all U.K. business.

2. We both love to “take care of the customer.”
Our dedicated and talented employees focus on providing our clients with industry-leading service, and the Connells Relocation team operates the same way. As a growing relocation company and a leader in quality service delivery within the U.K. market, Connells Relocation knows how important it is to put clients first.

As we move forward with our integration, we will work together to ensure this acquisition adds value to both Lexicon’s and Connells Relocation’s clients, customers, supply chain and team members.

3. We want to be the best.
Connells Relocation is a perfect fit for us! They were recognized as the Relocation Provider of the Year in 2013 in the U.K., and in the past few years, Lexicon has won numerous awards as well. This includes placing first in more categories than any other relocation company in the Trippel Survey for 2014.

While awards aren’t everything, they are a clear indication that we’re moving in the right direction. We want those who join us to be moving toward the same goals.

We are excited to welcome Connells Relocation to the Lexicon family and look forward to seeing where this acquisition will lead. For more information, you can read our press release here.

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