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April 2, 2015 12:39:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

The month of March saw Lexicon’s experts traveling the globe for education and conferences, from Hong Kong to Sao Paulo. For a snapshot of what we’ve been up to and the valuable things we’ve been learning, keep reading! 

What: Worldwide ERC Global Mobility Specialist Training

Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bianca Fischer, Lexicon’s global policies and programs practice lead for advisory services in EMEA, headed to Sao Paulo to administer GMS® Module 1: Applied International Assignment Policy Development. This was the first time Worldwide ERC was in Brazil to provide certification opportunities for the Latin America market, and Lexicon was excited to be there in a training role! Bianca led the group through the module, which teaches attendees how to:

  • Build a strong foundation in the basic compensation, benefits, policy and logistical aspects of an effective international assignment
  • Gain insights into today’s key challenges that are shaping the management and service of a worldwide mobile workforce
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of global mobility assistance, policies and practices

The content of this module is vast and varied, providing everything from an overview of classic principles and components of the traditional international assignment to emerging trends in global workforce mobility that will shape the future. Bianca’s 40 students gained a lot of knowledge and are now well on their way to earning their GMS® certifications.

Bianca Fischer


What: ADP Rethink Human Capital Conference

Where: Hong Kong, China

Lexicon’s senior vice president and managing director for APAC & EMEA, Avrom Goldberg, attended the Rethink Global Human Capital Management Conference, part of the ADP Human Capital Management series held around the world. The conference featured a number of ADP speakers including the head of APAC and the VP of human resources for ADP Global Enterprise Solutions. Other speakers included the director of the Economist Intelligence Unit, the global head of Learning and Development for International SOS and the APAC head of Akamai. The talks covered topics such as:

  • Defining Human Capital Management
  • The Future of Work
  • Activating Corporate Culture in APAC
  • Technology’s Role in the Future of Work
  • Future Proofing the Firm

Lexicon was particularly interested to see several different speakers directly address the link between effective human capital management practices and business strategies, on the one hand, and global mobility on the other.

ADP Conference


What: Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Summit: Talent Mobility in APAC

Where: Shanghai, China

Lexicon was represented by Avrom Goldberg and Spring Zhou, director, APAC, at this event, which drew more than 600 participants. The high-caliber program covered a wide range of topics including the setting up of offshore global employment companies, talent management strategies, global business traveler tracking, regional immigration challenges, domestic employment issues and relocation in China. Speakers included representatives from Accenture, Adidas, Citi, Cisco, Coca Cola, Corning, Dell, Dow Chemical GE, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Morgan Stanley and Unilever.

Avrom and Spring attended many of the valuable talks and also promoted participation in the Lexicon China Global Mobility 360˚ Survey, Lexicon’s major research project which is set to go live this month. 

Talent Mobility APAC

It’s been a month full of learning and teaching opportunities, and Lexicon is excited to continue this trend throughout the year. Are you looking to learn more about global mobility in countries like Brazil and China? Download our series of white papers on the BRIC countries now!

BRIC white paper series

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