8 Vital Functions Your Global Mobility Technology Must Have

December 18, 2014 2:00:00 PM EST | By: Michelle Dopps

The consequences of an ineffective technology solution could be devastating for your global mobility program. A tool that doesn’t meet your needs is an inconvenience that means lost time, productivity and effectiveness for your company. Even more troublesome is the possibility of penalties and legal issues as a result of not utilizing a technology solution. So what features should be on your technology must-have list to streamline your global mobility program?

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Report Building

In a survey we conducted on technology and global mobility, one issue that came up was the lack of robust reporting capabilities in the respondents’ current technology solutions. Many felt that they were not able to easily pull reports and access information. This frustration meant inadequate reporting up to senior management, which made their jobs more difficult. A more responsive reporting tool is thus a key item to have in mobility software.

Custom Dashboards

A one-size-fits-all solution may not be right for your company, as you have unique needs and facets to your mobility program. Many relocation management companies provide technology solutions that are rigid and unable to compensate for client differences. Having a tool customized for your program could be invaluable for your productivity.

Global Travel Tracking

If you’re not tracking your global travelers and assignees, trouble could be ahead. Legal issues and penalties are becoming more common for companies as countries are getting better at tracking people crossing their borders. By not keeping track of your travelers’ time in country, you could be noncompliant with immigration and visa regulations, which could result in heavy penalties.

These three features are a few of the most important to have included in your global mobility technology, but they are not the only ones to consider. Additional features that should be included in these technology solutions include:

  • Expense reporting that allows employees to keep track of expenses, submit expense reports for reimbursement and provides multi-currency capabilities
  • Quick check-in capabilities to help employees to track their current location with one click for immigration and tax compliance
  • Dashboard display of essential information for at-a-glance updates
  • Communications tool such as click-to-call/email/text for quick access to consultants when questions arise
  • Documents and policies should be readily available for both managers and assignees to access at any time 

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