Technology Trends Every Global Mobility Manager Should Know

November 20, 2014 2:16:00 PM EST | By: Michelle Dopps

The role technology plays in global travelers’ lives is certainly on the rise. But what specific technology trends are affecting global mobility, and what does that mean for you and your assignees?

We recently conducted a focus survey on technology usage to find out what technology is currently in use, what is working and what is on the horizon for global mobility. The overwhelming response from global mobility managers provided us with valuable information, which we’ve collected in an easy-to-read infographic. Here, we highlight some of the findings. 

Technology application


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How do you use technology to manage your global assignees? Are more companies using their own software or an application right out of the box? According to our survey, these are the software applications used to manage global assignees, ranked from highest use to lowest: 

  • Online tools provided by relocation management company
  • Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access
  • Online tools provided by tax firm
  • Other
  • None
  • Tied: off-the-shelf software package & proprietary in-house application

It appears that relocation management companies are providing the most used software, so it’s important that such software meets the needs of their clients. We asked if this was the case via two questions:

  • Does your current application meet the needs of your global mobility program?
  • Does your current application provide you with easy access to data analytics to share with your senior management? 

Technology needs met

While the majority of respondents’ needs are met on both levels, there is space for improvement – especially with reporting. This is something to be mindful of when researching relocation management companies. It is important that their technology solutions match up with your specific needs. 

In addition to finding out about technology usage by managers, we wanted to know what technology trends were rising amongst global travelers. It seems that everyone is tied to his or her mobile phone these days, but what else is popular? 

Device usage

The top half of this image shows the ranking of most to least used devices by assignees and business travelers:

  • Mobile phone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • GPS devices
  • Smart watches

This matches up with expectations. More interesting were the results about future growth of device type. The highest number of respondents predicted growth for tablets, then mobile, then smart watches, then laptops, then GPS.

The full infographic addresses a number of other questions related to technology usage in the global mobility arena, and it is available by clicking below.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can sign up via the below link for first access to our upcoming in-depth white paper. In this valuable resource, we’ll dive deep into the results and analyze what they mean for the future of global mobility and technology. 

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