Trippel Survey Reports Lexicon Rated #1 More Times Than Any Other Relocation Company

October 28, 2014 4:25:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

Where can global mobility professionals turn for accurate information on what to consider and what questions to ask about their employee relocation program? How can you tell if the company will fit within your company culture? There are a proliferation of players, products and pricing options available when choosing a relocation management company.

There's also no shortage of advice online from people who consider themselves experts, but the most valuable input will come from customers because they've gone through the process themselves. More so than anyone else, they know what to ask, what they like about their provider and what they want to see improved.

Trippel resultsLexicon holds our customers' opinions in the highest regard, and we're excited to announce that Trippel Survey & Research, LLC, recently announced the results of its 13th Annual Relocation Managers Survey©, and we placed #1 in more categories than any other relocation management company. With 17 #1 rankings in questions that ranged from flexibility, quality, reporting and billing to financial stability and culture fit, Lexicon’s straightforward and unwavering commitment to “Take Care of the Customer” is validated by those who matter most– the customer. Highlights of the results include:

  • Lexicon ranked # 1 in 17 of the 28 questions asked
  • Lexicon ranked in the top 3 of 23 of the 28 questions asked
  • Lexicon ranked as Excellent in 19 of the 28 questions asked

Trippel Survey & Research, LLC, conducted this survey with the goal of obtaining performance evaluations from corporate relocation mangers regarding levels of satisfaction with firms in the relocation management services industry. There were a total of 28 questions evaluating relocation management companies. Additionally, some interesting information about the respondents was also gathered. 

For instance, 70% of corporate relocation managers forecasted minimal to no change in domestic U.S. relocation volume for next year.  Among the remaining participants, 22% expect growth while 7% expect reduction in domestic relocation volume. Based on the answers anticipating the number of moves per responding company for this year, the mix of volume ranges reflects higher year-end volume for 2014 than in 2013. This indicates some growth this year as well as slow growth for the upcoming year.

The survey also focused on relationships between respondents and their relocation management companies in general (in addition to the company-specific rankings in which Lexicon excelled). For example, fewer corporate managers noted changing suppliers this year compared to last year, a trend that has continued for four consecutive years. This indicates a rise in client-supplier stability. Furthermore, 76% do not foresee changing suppliers in the next year, while 12% may change and the remaining 12% are uncertain. More than half noted a contract length of six years or greater with their current relocation management company. 

A final piece of enlightening information gleaned from the survey: the two most critically important considerations in supplier technology are data integrity and data security. Ranked from most important to least, this is the complete list:

  • Data integrity
  • Data security
  • Transferee status updates available for the corporate manager
  • Transferee status updates available for the transferee
  • Policy information for you and the employee
  • Online expense submission for the employee
  • Online authorizations
  • Relocation cost estimator for the corporate manager

While this survey is valuable to individual relocation management companies to see how they are doing with regards to service, customer satisfaction and more, it has also proven to be a helpful tool to predict trends in the industry, as illustrated by the information above. We are grateful to have performed so well this year, and we will continue our focus to “Take Care of The Customer.”

Are you in the percentage of relocation managers looking for a new provider? Consider our free global mobility assessment and find out what makes Lexicon a top ranking provider.


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