Lexicon Awarded for Thought Leadership at FEM Summit

October 15, 2014 1:25:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps


In the evolving world of employee relocation, companies and global mobility managers need relevant information, trends, tips and advice to overcome the challenges encountered in managing a full-scale mobility program. Lexicon’s growing library of white papers, reports, infographics and more delivers on this growing need for of-the-moment information that offers practical tools and information that will improve a relocation program.  

Lexicon is excited to announce these efforts were recognized at the October 14 Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) Asia Pacific Global Mobility Summit in Singapore. At the summit FEM announced the winners of its coveted Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMAs) for the APAC region. The EMMAs are international awards that recognize global mobility leaders, successes and rising stars.

Lexicon is proud to have received a “Highly Commended” award for the category of Thought Leadership – Survey or Research Study of the Year. This award was open to those who produced a survey or research study that provides timely leading information and is relevant to the global mobility industry. 

Lexicon submitted our BRIC series of white papers on global mobility in Brazil, Russia, India and China for award consideration. The papers in this series include: 

  • Brazil: 5 Factors to Consider as you Grow your Global Mobility Program
  • Crisis in Russia: Understanding What’s Next for Employee Relocations and Current Assignments
  • Outlook India: Global Mobility in an Unpredictable Economy
  • Outlook China: The Complete Guide for Global Mobility Success

We have made these papers available for free download as a resource for global mobility professionals working in or with assignees in the BRIC countries.

BRIC white paper series

Lexicon also enjoyed the opportunity to present at the Asia Pacific Global Mobility Summit. Our own Avrom Goldberg, Senior Vice President, Managing Director APAC & EMEA, presented with Jensen Leung, Founder and Managing Director of Contexo Mobility, on “What’s Next for Global Mobility?” They discussed the changes seen recently, what has improved and what hasn’t, issues that need to be addressed and what the future may hold.

One key point highlighted is the difference between the mentality of the past and that of today when it comes to relocating employees. Formerly, it was all about getting employees from point A to point B – simply relocating. Today, business requires HR to be a strategic partner in global mobility. The focus has shifted from basic logistics of relocation to a more strategic approach. The presentation also noted the shift in China as a top destination. There has been explosive growth of diverse move types and demographics, whereas in the past the options were mainly limited to executives in a few destinations for long-term assignments. Another change is that of basic compliance versus complex compliance requirements from multiple legislations. Avrom and Jensen closed the presentation with recommendations for attendees to apply to their own business, and the session ended with positive feedback.

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