Worldwide Security Tightens for 9/11 Anniversary

September 9, 2014 12:45:00 PM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

describe the imageThis September 11th marks the thirteenth anniversary of the horrifying attacks on the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93 over the remote Pennsylvania countryside and the second anniversary of the brutal attacks in Benghazi.  These attacks touched thousands of people’s lives around the world.  Since these attacks, September 11th has been a day for grieving, remembrance and reflection; however, the world is now struck once again with devastation and fear due to threats by Islamic radical groups, including recent events involving gruesome executions of hundreds of innocent people, two of whom were American journalists.  

Embassies and airports around the world are on high alert this week given these threats and the recent news that eleven commercial jetliners have gone missing from the Tripoli Airport over the past month.  Intelligence agencies have warned that the jets could be used in possible attacks in North Africa and elsewhere.  

Perhaps the most crucial consideration in managing a global relocation program is to ensure the safety and security of your global traveler population, and nothing is more important than to have emergency travel procedures and processes in place for your employees and dependents to access in emergency situations.  It’s important for you and your employees and accompanying dependents to stay abreast of global travel warnings and global disasters. Your ability to access technology that can track your global travelers’ whereabouts is crucial in this day and time. 

Lexicon can assist you in selecting your global security services provider as well as global medical and evacuation services providers – these are the critical resources who provide expert advice and take action when your expatriates are confronted with emergency conditions.  For more information about structuring your emergency travel and evacuation program and effectively communicating it to your expatriate populations, please contact a Lexicon representative today.  

For information or questions about this blog post please contact Pam Buchanan, Lexicon Consulting Services, +1-904-858-1255 ext. 1979 or via email at 

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