Lexicon On Path To Grow Its Global Mobility Software’s Functionality

May 31, 2013 7:03:00 AM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps
Lexicon insight from Equus’ First Annual European Global Mobility Client Conference in London

Dagmar Tencer resized 600Dagmar Tencer, Director of Global Strategic Process Design for Lexicon Relocation, shares her experience...

The trip to Equus' First Annual European Global Mobility Client Conference in London had a rather shaky start. The air traffic controller furlough caused delays and cancelled flights, but luck was with me and much to my surprise, I made all my connections with minor delays and so did my luggage!

Arriving safely in London, I was looking forward to learning more about how the software could support our clients. Equus is a provider of technology products and premier vendor for many of Lexicon’s technology solutions that support our delivery of global relocation, mobility and assignment services to clients worldwide. 

The conference was attended by representatives from eight relocation service providers in addition to 13 of Equus’ corporate clients. Morning chatter over coffee was cheerful, views from the building were stunning and agenda was packed with system information, policy and compliance, and other related topics. Mark Thomas, Equus CEO, launched the day with an overview of company’s annual accomplishments and presented its product roadmap for 2013. I was pleased to learn that we can expect significant enhancements to several system tools and components, as well as to the user interface look and feel. 

System tools such as ‘Quick Workflows’ were demonstrated and discussed in detail. Many of these tools are already in place and heavily utilized by Lexicon for driving functions and processes critical to compliance, efficient business processes and effective data tracking for client reporting.

Conference participants agreed that the system is equipped with strong tools for bringing clients’ policies to life and turning them into processes that drive the corporate global mobility program consistently and clearly across corporate functions. Several sessions were dedicated to global compensation capabilities. Participant’s experiences proved that the system is well designed to effectively integrate client’s expatriate payrolls across the globe, no matter the program size, once all components and players are properly aligned and resources trained and engaged.

The tax calculations for international assignment cost projections, are now supported with data for 20 additional countries, which brings the total number of supported countries to 72. All supported countries undergo regular tax legislature review and update to keep income tax and social security calculations current and valid. Lexicon is working closely with the Equus development team to ensure we utilize these technology products to their fullest while keeping options open for further customization to fully meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

The Equus team did a great job program benefits.


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