Global Mobility and Brazil: Understanding the Potenial Complications

March 25, 2013 9:53:00 AM EDT | By: Michelle Dopps

brazil beach med rgb 022513While all economic signs hint at exploding growth potential, Brazil’s antiquated immigrations policies and tax structures impede its ability to attract foreign labor.

For global mobility programs looking to invest and grow their workforce in Brazil, it’s critical for professionals to be educated about the total mobility costs and compliance issues surrounding Brazil.

Sending expats to such a highly complex, high tax, high regulatory environment that is evolving at a rapid pace, requires extra attention to ensure success.

While staples such as cross-cultural and language training are critical for expats before taking an assignment to Brazil, a planned approach is also a must due complicated compensation requirements, long waits for immigration formalities, temp/living arrangements and international school vacancies.

Global Mobility owners must focus on the strategic issues of global deployment (not just the tactical). They need to work hand-in-hand with their executive management to present total costs to collectively determine the right levels of investment.

Managing the monumental tax costs that impact on the bottom line and maintaining compliance are critical to the success of all assignments.

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