The State of Global Mobility: 21 Revealing Trends Every Global Mobility Manager Should Know

November 11, 2015 11:00:00 AM EST | By: Michelle Dopps

The State of Global Mobility: 21 Revealing TrendsIt can be nearly impossible to stay on top of the many world events that could have an impact on your global mobility program and your relocating employees. Especially if you have assignees in multiple regions, there’s just too much happening to make sure you’re clued in to everything. We’ve created our series, Global Mobility: Top Trends to Watch, to keep you in the loop.

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5 Highlights of the Trends by Region

If you’re responsible for your company’s global mobility program, you know how important it is to stay on top of events and changes in the areas of the world where your employees live and work. Here are a few to get you started:


China is instituting new immigration regulations that are intended to attract high-level foreign talent. If you have employees in China, this could make things easier for you.


Spouse career concerns are on the rise in EMEA. Respondents to a recent survey note that they’re having a tougher time recruiting employees for international assignments because of such concerns.

3. United Kingdom

Job satisfaction is high in the U.K.! Expats living and working in the U.K. are content with both their career prospects and their jobs. Have you seen this with your U.K.-based expats?

4. The Americas

A number of Latin American countries are pushing students to study abroad to increase their English language proficiency in order to make them more attractive for global business. Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Columbia in particular are actively creating and promoting programs along these lines.

5. United States

Imminent reforms to the State Department’s Visa Bulletin are expected to alleviate current green card backlogs. Such reforms could make it easier for employer-sponsored foreign nationals working in the U.S.

Want to know more?

This list touches on just five of the 21 trends that should be on the forefront of global mobility managers’ minds. For more in-depth information on each trend highlighted above and to read about the many other world events affecting your relocating employees, click below to download our new report now!

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