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All the metrics you need front and center.

Lost in a maze of reports and clicks to find the information your company cares about? Our dashboards are custom-built, so you always have visibility into your program.

Lump Sum Technology 

Integrated. Intuitive. Personalized.

Sterling Lexicon's lump sum solution makes relocation easier for global mobility professionals and their transferees. Integrated into our Sterling Lexicon360° technology, the platform is an end-to-end, digital experience for lump sum to fully managed relocations. Our one-stop-shop for transferees to manage their move online includes an intuitive interface, budget tool and best-in-class supplier recommendations. Learn more now. 

Sterling Lexicon360°

Keeping on top of the countless factors that make up a corporate relocation can be difficult to say the least. That’s why there is immeasurable value to having every piece of information in one secure place that is easily accessible with the click of a mouse.

Corporate clients, assignees/transferees and our suppliers all use Sterling Lexicon360°, our robust technology suite, that is just that – a 360°, full-circle interface for clients, their relocating employees and our global network of suppliers. We also have a secure Payroll Suite for data exchange of sensitive information, allowing a fast and secure center for payroll reporting and other compensation-related services.

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ClientSuite Entry

Measure. Connect. Manage.

From custom dashboards to full visibility into the notes on transferees’ files, our client portal is a robust resource for managing your program. From online transferee authorization to our home sale inventory tools, it has everything you need and more.

Our U.K. team also uses CRIS for client reporting. CRIS is our bespoke case management system and was developed exclusively using Microsoft components to ensure maximum compatibility with external systems. CRIS can accommodate  differing reporting requirements as well as changes in the relocation market place. The system is flexible and can easily interrogate, extract and report on a range of data sets.

PayrollSuite Entry

Secure. Efficient. Fast.

Global compensation and gross-ups have never been easier. Your payroll information is safely transmitted via encrypted network connection, so you don’t have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands. Our team receives, reviews and reconciles the information, so your team can rest easy knowing that no duplication or shortage of benefits occurs – we have all the information needed to ensure full compliance to tax laws and other regulations.

EmployeeSuite Entry

Intuitive. Powerful. Simple.

From desktop to mobile phone, our employee portal allows for a highly customized approach to each person’s relocation. Transferees and assignees only see the benefits authorized for their move, and an interactive timeline of events provides comfort that they always know what lies ahead.

SupplierSuite Entry

Transparent. Immediate. Safe.

Supplying our network with the information they need, when they need it. With a simple, secure system, we always have the most current status on each relocation and assignment.

Technology Tools and Features Built for You

Our portal is not a one-size-fits-all solution, however – it is tailored to your company’s specific needs with custom-built views and dashboards. Plus, we’re constantly upgrading and adding new features based on customer requests and our own team’s goal of creating the best technology solution in the industry. Whenever you see our "°" sign, you instantly know this is a custom-built feature just for Sterling Lexicon customers. These include:


Our proprietary ReportingSuite° feature runs your fully customizable reports in seconds. We give you the exact information you need, when you need it.


Another proprietary feature, eMap360° is our interactive relocation timeline that maps out an employee’s to-dos and reminders all in one place. It’s updated constantly, so your employees always know the latest information pertaining to their relocations.


The newest available web-based feature, PinPoint tracks U.S. and global business travelers and identifies potential tax liability and risks. This exceptional tool helps guarantee compliance with ever-changing government regulations and tax liabilities.

Mobile Suite Entry°

Our advanced mobile view/app offers a seamless system integration of the portal right on your smart phone. The app features access to the information available via the portals and simplified expense reporting while on the go.

Sterling Lexicon360 mobile platform from Sterling Lexicon on Vimeo.

Summary Of Relocation Benefits Authorized°

This feature allows you to create an employee’s individualized policy from a custom pick list – it’s quick, simple and eliminates confusion for your employees. Your employee sees their policy and only those benefits authorized.

And we’ve only scratched the surface on just how powerful the system can be. Our team never stops searching for ways to enhance the customer experience.

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