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Supplier Diversity Excellence Plan

Section 1 - Introduction

Lexicon is committed to the implementation of the full range of supplier diversity requirements for certified minority-owned Small and Large Business, certified Small Disadvantaged Business, certified Women-Owned Small and Large Business, Small Veteran-owned, Small Service Disabled-Veteran Owned, and small, certified HUB-Zone. To simplify the descriptions of this plan, the term Diverse Supplier will be used throughout to reflect the full range of Diverse Suppliers.

Section 2 - Commitment

Much of the success of our Diverse Supplier Plan comes from the commitment of our executives and dedicated employees. We believe identifying, developing, employing, and rewarding Diverse Suppliers is good for the communities we serve and for Lexicon. Diverse Suppliers are strategic partners in Lexicon's core business model. Our plan includes key elements such as:

  • Supplier Diversity goals and measurements are linked to other key corporate goals
  • Supplier Diversity performance requirements are included in departmental objectives and budgets
  • Supplier Diversity encompasses all aspects of our supply chain and applies to all services and products
  • Our executive management group reviews our Plan on a regular basis
  • Controls, processes, resources and skills to achieve supplier diversity performance have been identified and acquired
  • Supplier Diversity planning, documentation, and implementation meet the requirements of our supplier quality assurance system

Section 3 - Benefits

Lexicon believes strong supplier diversity support offers:

  • Innovation and competitive value to contracts
  • Develops a supplier base reflective of the diversity in the markets in which business is conducted
  • Improves the ability to manage, market and maintain an competitive advantage
  • Increases and supports economic development in our business communities
  • Creates strategic alliances with majority suppliers who have a commitment to grow minority suppliers

Section 4 - Responsibility

Lexicon's Diversity Office and Program Administrator in Jacksonville, Florida, is assigned as the prime interface for all issues regarding Lexicon Relocation's Supplier Diversity's performance. In this position, he will evaluate all supplier contracts for impact to our Supplier Diversity Excellence Plan. He is also responsible for all communications with clients and suppliers regarding any Supplier Diversity issues.

Duties: The Program Administrator shall have general overall responsibility for the Contractors subcontracting program; i.e., developing, preparing and executing individual contracting plans and monitoring performance relative to this particular plan. Such duties may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Developing and promoting company policy statements that demonstrate the company's support for awarding contracts and subcontracts per company Diverse Supplier goals described below.
  • Developing and maintaining bidders' lists of Diverse Suppliers from all possible sources.
  • Ensuring periodic rotation of potential subcontractors on bidders' lists.
  • Assuring that Diverse Suppliers are included on the bidders' list for every subcontract solicitation for products and services they are capable of providing.
  • Ensuring that subcontract procurement "packages" are designed to permit the maximum possible participation of Diverse Suppliers.
  • Reviewing subcontract solicitations to remove statements, clauses, etc., which might tend to restrict or prohibit Diverse Suppliers.
  • Ensuring that subcontract bid proposal review board documents its reasons for not selecting any low bids submitted by Diverse Suppliers.
  • Overseeing the establishment and maintenance of contact and subcontract award records.
  • Attending or arranging for the attendance of company counselors at Business Opportunity Workshops, Minority Business Enterprise Seminars, Trade Fairs, etc.
  • Directly or indirectly counseling Diverse Suppliers on subcontracting opportunities and how to prepare bids to the company.
  • Providing notice to subcontractors concerning penalties for misrepresentations of business status as Diverse Suppliers for the purpose of obtaining a subcontract that is to be included as part or all of a goal contained in the contractor's subcontracting plan. Diverse Suppliers shall provide a copy of their appropriate certification. Each Diverse Supplier on record as a potential subcontractor shall complete a self-certification form stating their business size. A penalties clause for falsifying information will also be on the form according to the legal statue 15 U.S.C. 645 (d). Note, the following notice will be read near the business owner's signature. "NOTICE: In accordance with U.S.C. 645 (d), any person who misrepresents a firm's proper size classification shall (1) be punishable by imposition of a fine, imprisonment, or both, (2) be subject to administrative remedies, and (3) be ineligible for participation in programs conducted under the authority of the Small Business Act.")
  • Conducting or arranging training for purchasing personnel regarding the intent and impact of Section 8(d) of the Small Business Act on purchasing procedures.
  • Developing and maintaining an incentive program for buyers that support the subcontracting program.
  • Developing the company's performance and making any adjustments necessary to achieve the subcontracting program.
  • Preparing and submitting timely reports.
  • Coordinating the company's activities during compliance review by Federal agencies.

Section 5 - Products

Products considered as part of the establishment of company goals include contracted services primarily from realtors, inspection companies, household goods carriers and freight forwarders, temporary living companies, appraisers and firms providing international specialty services.

Section 6 - Goals 

Distinct subcontracting goals have been established as part of our Plan. These goals cover all first tier suppliers.

Total Estimated Cost 100%
Small Business 60%
Disadvantage Business 10%
Woman Owned 25%
Veteran Owned Business 2%
Service Disabled Vet-Owned Business 2%
HUBZone 1%

A minimum 15% total spend goal has been determined based upon common corporate practices, with application of specific program information. The % goals by Diverse Supplier shown are based upon first tier utilization.

It should be noted that application of the lower tier subcontractor roll-up could significantly increase the dollar value of the goals. Lexicon will continue to evaluate additional sources, and opportunities, as appropriate.

Section 7 - Equitable Opportunity

Lexicon will make every attempt to ensure that Diverse Suppliers will have an equitable opportunity to compete for supplier contracts. External efforts may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Contacting minority and small business trade organizations
  • Contacting business development organizations
  • Attending small, minority and women-owned small business procurement conferences and trade fairs

Internal activities to guide and encourage purchasing personnel include:

  • Presenting workshops, seminars and training programs
  • Establishing, maintaining and using Diverse Supplier business source lists, guides, and other data for soliciting suppliers
  • Reviewing End-to-end supply chain processes for supplier diversity utilization opportunities that will provide long-term, sustainable and valuable business relationships
  • Monitoring activities to evaluate compliance with the Supplier Diversity Excellence Plan

Section 8 - Record Keeping

Lexicon Relocation will maintain at least the following types of records to demonstrate procedures adopted to comply with the goals set in our Supplier Diversity Excellence Plan:

  • Diverse Supplier source lists, guides, and other data identifying such suppliers
  • Organizations contacted for Diverse Supplier business sources
  • Records to support outreach efforts
  • Records to support internal activities
  • Records to support supplier award data
  • Other records to support compliance to Plan