Why Lexicon?

At Lexicon, our philosophy is to 'Take Care of the Customer.'

Working toward our goal of becoming the acknowledged performance leader in global mobility services, Lexicon continues to build collaborative, value-driven relationships with our clients that provide superior benefits to their employees.

Promoting 'Take Care of the Customer' solidifies our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance to our customers and earning their loyalty and trust. Practicing this approach has helped us to achieve an exemplary history of service excellence.


  • Footprint - Comprehensive Worldwide Coverage in 125+ Countries delivering out of 5 Lexicon Service Centers within the United States and Global Client Services support in APAC and EMEA
  • Single Point of Accountability for Client - Tactical Advisor, Trusted Steward of Your Relocation Program, Quality & Cost Driver, Strategie Solutions
  • Single Point of Responsibility for Transferee - Advocates, Counsels, Administers, Manages, Coordinates every Facet of Relocation or Assignment Process
  • "Always There" 24/7/365 Constant Coverage Program


  • Secure, fully-integrated, single-system platform for Global Workflow, including Mobility, Assignment Management and Compensation Accumulation Services
  • Off Site Data Security Facility
  • Real-Time Status and Data
  • Dynamic Client, Transferee, and Provider Portals
  • PGP Data, TLS Email Encryption/Decryption Capability
  • EU Safe Harbor
  • Multiple Currencies Capabilities
  • Formal Disaster Recovery Plan
  • PCI Accounting system compliant
  • Bar-Code Capabilities


  • More than 65 Distinct Service Offerings
  • Dedicated Consulting Services Team
  • Dedicated Implementation Team
  • Flexible, Executable, Proven and Effective Business Processes & Program Formulas




  • Client Retention - 99% Average Past 5 Years
  • Company-Wide Employee Retention - 97.5% Average Past 5 Years
  • Industry Leader in Employee Tenure - Average 8 Years
  • Industry Leading, Stable Operational Teams - Average 7 Years
  • Industry Leading, Experienced Front-Line Employees - Average Industry Experience 12 Years
  • Continuity of Ownership - Never an Acquisition Candidate
  • Financial Wherewithal - Lexicon and our Parents Combined Revenues Exceeded $500MM in 2012 and Net Worth is in Excess of $100MM
  • SOC 1, Type 2 SSAE-16 Examination
  • Conservative Growth Objectives and Achievements in Line with Today's Marketplace


  • Independence in Choice across all Networks
  • Demonstrated Success in Diversity Programs
  • Industry Leading LEXNET Service
  • ISO Framework Utilizing Sigma Tactics Supply Chain Philosophy
  • Systemic Thought Leadership Programs
  • Clear, Cohesive Quality Strategies - Excellent People, Excellent Practices