Success Story

Service that wows.

When challenge-solving technology company CSC had a challenge of their own that needed resolution, they turned to Lexicon.

2000px-CSC_Logo.svgA headquarters move, leadership change and past struggles with relocation providers meant developing a new program would be a necessary but difficult feat for CSC.

Lexicon took the challenge as an opportunity to exceed expectations.

About the client:

CSC, a global leader of next-generation information technology services and solutions, is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, and has 70,000 employees around the world. They help solve big challenges – technically complex, mission-critical challenges.

A headquarters move from California to Virginia meant a large number of employee relocations, which highlighted the need for a change from CSC’s old in-house program. Beth Loughery, who had just joined CSC as the new Global Relocation Manager, proposed a formal outsourced program, so they could more effectively recruit and retain talent while reducing costs.

As CSC was conducting their search for a provider, a leadership change meant senior-level moves were needed now. Adding to the challenge, many at CSC were wary of a guaranteed home purchase program due to issues in the past, so they were focused on finding a low-risk solution. Lexicon gave CSC the opportunity to try their proposed program for this event, which was a win-win-win for everyone, says Beth Loughery:

“1. Lexicon presented a very low-risk program, 2. let us try the service to see how it worked and 3. was ultimately the most flexible of all the companies we approached, which was important during this time of great change at CSC.”

What initially started as a pilot program became a huge asset to CSC, and everyone got on board. Thanks to that enthusiasm and Lexicon’s flexibility, CSC now utilizes Lexicon for more than traditional relocation activity, including candidate travel and new hire travel.

“I put my faith in Lexicon’s sales team that they would do as well as they said. They have far exceeded my expectations, no question – we have a tremendous partnership.”

CSC’s relocating employees love that partnership as well and are especially happy with Lexicon’s new ways of interacting with them. As a technology company, those employees are certainly tech savvy, and they really enjoy being able to access all of their relocation information on their smartphones.

Ultimately, Lexicon’s goal is to provide each client with solutions that fit their exact needs, from technology innovations to customized and flexible relocation programs to responsive customer service.

“Lexicon really values their clients – they see themselves as an extension of their clients and listen to and respond to input. We have always felt that they are listening to us, but seeing ideas developed from our discussions was an extra ‘wow!’”


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