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As a leading provider of global mobility services, Lexicon manages mobility programs for corporate and government clients of all sizes. We offer a full array of customized solutions, including Global Mobility Services, Candidate Care, Global Assignment Compensation Services, Ongoing Assignment Services, Client Support Services, Business Solutions, General Administration, and Government Services.

We combine our powerful technology tools and 'Take Care of the Customer' service philosophy to achieve high performance and customer satisfaction levels, and have emerged as a leader in our industry.

Government Services Overview

Lexicon Relocation is a recognized industry leader in providing global mobility solutions. We offer professional assistance to employees and their families being transferred to their new duty station anywhere within the continental United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Our staff of relocation experts will help your employees with marketing and selling their homes, finding new homes, shipping household goods, rental assistance, mortgage assistance and property management.

Lexicon offers the following programs under the GSA Schedule 48 for Transportation and Delivery Relocation Services. (click heading for full information)

Entitlement Counseling

Entitlement Counseling
Entitlement counseling is available before an employee decides to move. Our service delivery team is fully trained on FTR allowances. Once the decision to transfer is made, a dedicated Lexicon counselor will be designated as the single-point-of-coordination throughout your employee's relocation program. The counselor helps develop a move schedule, identifying any unique requirements. Your employee will be provided with information on FTR entitlements and allowances (travel, per diem, etc.) and any specific agency policies and/or programs that can help an employee or job candidate make an informed decision on the move.

Departure Services

Marketing Assistance
Lexicon's home marketing program makes the most of your transferring employees' efforts to market and sell their own homes. This approach meets two important objectives. First, it reduces your costs by increasing your employees' success in selling their homes in the shortest time period. Additionally, your employees benefit by receiving the highest possible sales price for their home through our professional marketing strategies. The counselor will provide practical counseling on how to price and prepare the home for sale, and apply cost-effective improvements that will result in the greatest net gain. In addition, the counselor will: 

  • Monitor plan progress and facilitate marketing strategy changes that are the result of market conditions
  • Work with your employee's broker to develop and continuously refine a detailed marketing plan appropriate to the property and its market.
  • Help your employee evaluate and respond to offers from potential purchasers

Appraisal Value Sale
Lexicon will coordinate the appraisal process in accordance with the GSA statement of work, the FTR and the agency's specific policy in order to provide the employee with a guaranteed buy out. Amended Value Sale: Lexicon's primary goal is to increase the Agency's amended sale rate in order to provide cost savings to the overall relocation program. This is accomplished by partnering with the Agency and your relocating employees during the appraisal process and the acceptance period through intensive focus on the marketing efforts. The employee will be eligible for the amended sale option when a bona-fide offer is received from an outside buyer that is equal to or greater than the appraised value offer.

Buyer Value Option
Lexicon offers a Buyer Value Option program. This program, a cost-effective alternative to a full home buyout program, takes advantage of your employee's ability and motivation to find a buyer. Lexicon manages the entire process, beginning with Marketing Assistance and concluding with managing the closing once a buyer is found. This program gives your employees access to equity and, when properly structured, can position your relocation program most favorably to take advantage of potential tax benefits. This can be a tremendous cost savings for your organization over a direct reimbursement approach. The counselor guides your employees through the entire process, assists in selecting a qualified broker and closing representative; coordinates the marketing of the home, and helps your employees anticipate and observe all relevant state disclosure and related requirements.

Closing Only Services
The Close Only Services program is recommended for employees who are ineligible for Home Sale, but eligible for direct reimbursement of real estate sale expenses under the FTR, in order to minimize costs to the Agency. Under the Close Only Services program, the counselor will provide marketing assistance in the same manner provided when the employee is participating in the home sale assistance program. However, when an offer is presented, rather than purchasing the home, Lexicon will manage the sale process and closing on behalf of the employee. The employee can focus on coordinating the other move details and report to the new duty location more effectively. The employee remains the seller of record and continues to have decision making authority over all decisions related to negotiations and concessions with the buyer. Upon closing, Lexicon will issue equity to the employee, reimburse the employee for allowable closing costs and invoices the Agency. The employee does not have to complete forms or attend the closing.

Property Management Services
The Property Management Program provides professional tenant screening, leasing coordination and home management services for employees who choose to rent their homes when a accepting a rotational assignment.

Destination Services

Home Finding for Buyers
Transferring families are assured of the opportunity to relocate into a community and home in keeping with their particular lifestyle, housing and budget requirements. This professional assistance reduces the time spent searching for appropriate homes in the new location, as well as unnecessary travel expenses. The counselor conducts a needs analysis to help the rental agent identify appropriate communities, neighborhoods and affordable price ranges that meet the employee's specific needs.

Rental Assistance
Two rental service tiers are available to meet your employees' needs. The half- and full-day tour programs include an area familiarization tour along with the apartment-finding component.

Mortgage Assistance
Lexicon has established numerous relationships with nationally-recognized mortgage providers specializing in relocation. We offer access to fast, simple, quality mortgage assistance which provides individualized support for all aspects of your transferring employees' home financing needs from pre-qualification to closing.

Move Management Services
We are happy to work with a GSA approved moving services provider to manage a comprehensive, professional household goods shipments program in accordance with the FTR and the Agency specific household goods move policy.

Management Reporting
Our reporting is designed to be flexible and accessible. We can capture and transmit data by division, cost type, and any other parameter you specify, either in detail or as a summary.

GSA Schedule 48
View a copy of our current GSA Schedule 48 below or follow this link to obtain a portable copy.