Our Services

As a leading provider of global mobility services, Lexicon manages mobility programs for corporate and government clients of all sizes. We offer a full array of customized solutions, including Global Mobility Services, Candidate Care, Global Assignment Compensation Services, Ongoing Assignment Services, Client Support Services, Business Solutions, General Administration, and Government Services.

We combine our powerful technology tools and 'Take Care of the Customer' service philosophy to achieve high performance and customer satisfaction levels, and have emerged as a leader in our industry.

Global Mobility

The myriad of mobility-related service offerings supported by technology tools provided to employee and family during the relocation portion of their move or assignment. Services are delivered in over 125 countries worldwide. 

  • Policy Counseling
  • Immigration Services
  • Temporary Housing
  • Household Goods Move Management
  • Rental Assistance
  • Home Finding Services
  • Area Orientation
  • Intercultural Training
  • Language Training
  • Educational Consulting
  • Global Financial Services
  • Security Services
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Settling-in Services
  • Furniture Rental
  • Family Transition Services
  • Mortgage Services
  • Home Marketing Assistance
  • Home Sale Programs
  • Closing Only Services
  • Departure Services
  • Repatriation Integration Training
  • Repatriation Services
  • School Search
  • Pet Transport