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As a leading provider of global mobility services, Lexicon manages mobility programs for corporate and government clients of all sizes. We offer a full array of customized solutions, including Global Mobility Services, Candidate Care, Global Assignment Compensation Services, Ongoing Assignment Services, Client Support Services, Business Solutions, General Administration, and Government Services.

We combine our powerful technology tools and 'Take Care of the Customer' service philosophy to achieve high performance and customer satisfaction levels, and have emerged as a leader in our industry.

Affinity - Lexicon Rewards

Buying or Selling a Home?

Start here and earn cash back rewards in three easy steps

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2 Buy and/or sell your home
3 Collect your cash rebate!


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Disclaimer: Home must be $50,000 or greater in value to be eligible for cash back rewards program

By participating you will not only gain cash back rewards, but access to a national database of experienced real-estate agents and will be matched with one that best suits your needs.

The cash back rebate you will receive is based on the purchase price or sale price of the home you are buying and/or selling. It's that easy!


Other Benefits Include:

Mortgage Services

Lexicon Relocation has preferred mortgage relationships with major financial institutions that will provide:

  • Instant pre-approval process
  • Low interest rates
  • No closing cost programs are available
  • On-time closing guarantees

Moving Discounts and Assistance

Lexicon Relocation has preferred relationships with the top national moving companies. Our relationships ensure improved coverage during peak delivery periods and a minimum of two no obligation estimates as well as:

  • Leveraged access to our network
  • Competitive discounts
  • Free valuation or a customized program at a discounted rate

Please Note: Some states restrict cash bonuses or other incentive payments in connection with real estate transactions. If you are in a company or agency sponsored relocation program, please check with Lexicon to understand eligibility.