Our Services

As a leading provider of global mobility services, Lexicon manages mobility programs for corporate and government clients of all sizes. We offer a full array of customized solutions, including Global Mobility Services, Candidate Care, Global Assignment Compensation Services, Ongoing Assignment Services, Client Support Services, Business Solutions, General Administration, and Government Services.

We combine our powerful technology tools and 'Take Care of the Customer' service philosophy to achieve high performance and customer satisfaction levels, and have emerged as a leader in our industry.

Candidate Care

Service assistance for our customers’ recruiting efforts to determine feasibility of a relocation or assignment including costs associated with relocation of new hire or existing employee. Services can be delivered in both pre-hire and post-hire phases.

Global Mobility

The myriad of mobility-related service offerings supported by technology tools provided to employee and family during the relocation portion of their move or assignment. Services are delivered in over 125 countries worldwide.

Global Compensation

Support and administrative management of services related to the compensation aspects of a global assignment. Services can include letters of assignment, cost projection, assignment allowance administration, compensation accumulation and reporting, shadow payroll reporting and split pay administration as well as servicing repatriation needs.

Ongoing Assignment

Other relocation and assignment services delivered during the active period of a global assignment relating to transportation, storage and tenancy needs.

Client Support

Service support of our customers’ needs in the research, development, design, and ongoing maintenance of best-practice global mobility and assignment management programs and group moves. Further support is via our online client portal which is a gateway to essential and detailed real-time information and metrics.

Business Solutions

Service expertise and training for our customers that identifies a customized structure of the best value relocation and assignment management options for their financial situation, culture, mission and demographics.

General Administration

Service coordination of activities relating to the management of intern programs, extended business travelers, managed lump sums, transition of files, accrual reporting, as well as traditional expense administration.