Why Global Network Integration?

frayed_rope.jpgFrequently, I am asked why my department is called Global Network Integration instead of Supply Chain Management.  The use of the term ‘integration’ is essential to how we see our supplier network.  Suppliers and the services they provide are interwoven into everything we do.  Our suppliers are an on the ground representation of Lexicon Relocation.  How they fit into our culture, and how we work with and treat each other is as important as the services they deliver.

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by Craig Donovan

Brexit Update

uk_flag_govt_building_small.png“Brexit means Brexit” is a phrase that has been used a few times now by British Prime Minister Theresa May to underscore the UK government’s commitment to follow through on the will of the majority of June 23 voters for the UK to leave the EU. Yet three months since that vote which sent shockwaves throughout Europe and beyond, there is still very little certainty about what Britain’s withdrawal from the EU will mean in both economic and political senses in the UK, the EU and beyond. Since the referendum all kinds of possible consequences continue to be suggested by all manner of commentators.  But hard facts about either the process or outcomes relating to Britain’s quitting the EU are still scant. Some of the few certainties relating to Brexit at this time:

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by Avrom Goldberg

Gen Z: 4 Realities of Employing the Next Generation of Workers

Generation Z workersThere’s a new generation entering the workforce, and it’s time to start thinking about what that means for your future talent pool. While it seems like we’re constantly hearing about millennials in the workplace, there hasn’t been as much talk about the younger Generation Z. Since they’re just now starting to make their way into offices, that makes sense, but thinking ahead can help prevent problems with this new group of potential employees.

4 Key Areas Global Mobility and HR Professionals Must Understand to Unlock the C-Suite

Mastering Mobility Economics introductionSucceeding in the world of global mobility means more than just completing all of the items on your to-do list. If you understand the big picture, you can accomplish more and make an even more substantial difference to your company’s success. This requires in-depth knowledge of mobility’s key drivers and how those issues affect the industry and your organization.

global mobility international assignments economics

by Molly Hammond

What is Shadow Payroll?

Shadow payroll reporting in two countriesIf you’ve heard this term before but didn’t actually know what it meant, this is the article for you! Or maybe you have a vague idea about what shadow payroll means but aren’t up to speed on the particulars -- we’ve got the answers to your questions.

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by Barbara Hodgdon, CPA, GPHR

Brexit and Global Mobility: What You and Your Employees Need to Know

Brexit and global mobility The U.K. vote to leave the European Union has sent shock waves around the world and taken both the U.K. and the EU into wholly uncharted territory. This leaves global mobility professionals, especially those of you with employees or business in the U.K. and other European countries, wondering what lies ahead.

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by Avrom Goldberg

What Global Mobility Professionals Need to Know about the New EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

EU-U.S. Privacy ShieldImportant news alert for those of us in the global mobility world! Yesterday, the European Commission formally approved the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. This agreement covers thorough and enforceable protections for EU citizens’ personal data. You should be aware of what this means practically for you and your company, especially if you have any EU-U.S. employee mobility.

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by Molly Hammond

Home Sale Pitfalls to Avoid for Successful Employee Relocations

Home sale pitfalls to avoid for relocation successWith the summer upon us, the strongest time of year to sell homes in many U.S. markets is here. School is out, and many of your employees are likely choosing to sell their homes now so that they can move before the start of the new school year. However, there are some pitfalls to be aware of that could delay your employees’ relocations. Make sure you’re paying attention to these areas:

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by Stefanie Schreck, SCRP, SGMS

3 Assignment Challenges Global Mobility Managers Face When Expatriating American Citizens

3 Challenges with American ExpatriationIf you are responsible for expatriation of U.S. citizens, you need to be aware of a wide range of issues that create unique (and often costly) challenges in recruitment of talent for international assignments. For the most part, employment laws are very different in the U.S. than in the rest of the world, which can make employing American citizens in other countries complicated. You should pay particular attention to these issues:

global mobility international assignments expatriates

by Deborah Wilkes, GMS